And The Game of the Year 2009 is…

Jonathan Cullen, GOONL!NE Editor: "Okay, calm down, I know we're only in April, not December when most Game of the Year contests are done of course. That said, I am breaking out a list of contenders so far as well as break out my crystal ball which is 100% foolproof and tells no lie *note: crystal ball does not work at all, results may vary*.

So, lets take a look at what games are so far gonna be contenders for GOTY for PS3, 360 and Wii along with a couple of others added in for good measure."

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be_wrong3476d ago

uncharted is a very big bet and it was only high :(

Johnny Cullen3476d ago

Truth be told, if there werent any big games like KZ2, MW2 or BioShock 2, or one of the three at least, its chances would have been very high.

That said, thats not to say it wont win GOTY, no. I say it has a great chance, its just caught up in a year of releases which has games which have a better chance then Uncharted 2, get my drift?

Kleptic3476d ago

will be interesting to see what happens for best visuals this year...if GoW III, Heavy Rain, and uncharted 2 all drop within the year...and with killzone 2 already out...will be some serious debate about it...

Uncharted wiped the floor with competition in 2007 in terms of console visuals...but the second game has some much more appropriate competition...

Daver3476d ago

good article with good contenders and approximation

kurochi3476d ago

it's sad..... after looking at that list, I realized that I've got to save up for all those great games. There goes my beer money.......

Johnny Cullen3476d ago

Same LOL

Anytime I get my jobseekers cheque, you can best it'll most likely go towards a game somehow.

And not towards alcohol XD

Slinger4203476d ago

Modern Warfare 2 will be game of the year. That's pretty much guaranteed with the masters at Infinity Ward developing it. Modern Warfare is still ahead of it's time and barely anything compares to it.

Kleptic3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

GOTY debates are pretty much pointless overall...because there is no unified 'academy' that actually picks a winner...every website/mag and their dentist comes up with a GOTY...and a lot of the time the results are different...

while MW2 will definitely get a lot of nods for GOTY (IW always gets a valve like free pass when it comes to the media...MW2 was as broken as Gears 2 when it released...on both consoles...but that was deemed 'ok')...I also wouldn't say that MW is still way ahead of all other online shooters...killzone 2, TF2, and Resistance 2 all hold their own perfectly fine, with their own spin on class based multiplayer systems...MW only had Halo 3 as far as shooter competition in 2007...and yeah...obviously it kicked the utter shat out of halo 3's dated multiplayer gameplay...but things are pretty different now...

I am excited for MW 2 though overall...visually I doubt it will be as big of a jump as 4 was from 3 or 2...but I really hope they make some appropriate changes to the weapon balancing and grenade tossing (particularly to the damage radius of grenades...get rid of the 'on/off' nature of its lethality)...and come up with all kinds of new perks...should be a lot of fun...

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