Sony patents PSP remote controlled car

A new invention at Sony Europe is a remote controlled car you control with your PSP! The car has a camera that makes race tracks out of things it films. It's like Little Big Planet for racing games

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jay23481d ago

Er right fine............ Bizzare....................

Saigon3481d ago

it is still cool...think of the possibilities that this function brings to the table...


gt5 motion cap and track record technology. miniaturized.


jay23481d ago

Oh god yeah, I want to see this in action!

MicroSony4Life3481d ago

Great and I thought the dancing egg that Sony made was bad.

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irish-leprecaun3481d ago

the chances of seing this are like the same as seing a leprechaun!

40cal3481d ago

Because here you are, you little Irish devil, now give me your gold.

Socomer 19793481d ago

he's funny.
Were gonna get that gold for sure.

poindat3481d ago

Reminds me of that ad for the listening device that blatantly goes out there and states that you can use it to listen in on strangers conversations.

But I don't really understand the point of this or how it would work off the paper.

xabmol3481d ago

Whats the WiFi range for the PSP?!

Too bad we will never see this though. :(

I'm still waiting for my augmented reality game. A real game not that toy pet thing they got in the works.

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The story is too old to be commented.