Apple App Store closes in on 1 billion downloads

Apple's App Store, where users can find applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, is counting down to its 1 billionth app downloaded.

This seems to be the week of the countdown - i.e., rather than announcing a milestone number, get the buzz early by saying you're really close, either to 1 billion app downloads or to 1 million followers on Twitter. And yes, Apple's countdown page is basically a promotional gimmick, complete with offers for prizes like a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card and a MacBook pro for people who "join the celebration" by downloading apps. But Apple's numbers are worth noting, because the company reported 800 million downloads just a month ago, and hit half a billion back in January. iTunes, on the other hand, took two years to reach that number of songs downloaded.

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meepmoopmeep3574d ago

that's serious "trendy" eh?