Anybody want a PS3? Plenty left in UK

The following picture was taken from a Newcastle (UK) Virgin Megastore, promoting the fact that there are over 73 PS3 machines stil left to pre-order. There are just two more days to go until the official launch, will the figure reach 0 anytime before then?

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HandShandy4814d ago

I work in Comet and they have MAXED out our warehouse with over 50 PS3s and we took barely any PS3 pre-orders. They even have boxes of software, contollers, remotes, adapters.... the lot.

If it goes well on Friday - I will throw my hat at the floor and say this has been the finest launch since.....well there has never been a launch as well supplied and established as this.

They are over-supplying and it's excellent. Let's hope they do this at the Xmas Holidays.

overrated4814d ago

Virgin is not really recognised for gaming, its recognised for music. Take a picture of GAME and Gamestationa and you will see a difference.

TheMART4814d ago

Don't make up excuses dude. If a gamer searches a console he knows where he can find them. Including Virgin.

Europeans aren't so much different from Americans. The PS3 will sell slow after launch also, just as we see in the states where it's ass gets whooped being outsold almost twice last month by the 360

consolewar4814d ago

but not thank you, the system sucks major donkey b*lls.

overrated4814d ago

ye so does the wii, im choosing the wii as thats thats the only console you havent bashed. Your just a gimic poster looking for some attention.

Devastator_oftheweak4814d ago

You suck donkey ba11s, you need need to stop being so narrow minded, your starting to sound like theMart.

My question for the person who posted this, how many did they have to begin with?

Babylonian4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

Don't be so a offending, just because I for example prefer the PS3 over the Xbox 360 doesn't mean that I think the 360 sucks. Both have their unique qualities, the PS3 is the console of my choice and I support it. But you don't see me bashing the Xbox 360.

spacetoilet4814d ago

Here is a good game. It's called count how many FUD posts DCRIDER has posted. IT's a great game!

spacetoilet4814d ago


It's a viral marketing tactic heavily employed by M$ and allot of the bitter X-kiddies on their behalf. They just plain create B$ or spin news any way they can to look negative for Sony. Pay over the top ***advertiseing** ****cough*** premiums to sites/reviewers etc.

Bigmac5734814d ago

I have unofficial word that Microsoft is discontinuing production of their HD-DVD players for Xbox360!!

Optimus Prime4814d ago

and that has to do with the gaming aspect of a GAME CONSOLE. tell me how the HDDVD fits into the gaming aspect.

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The story is too old to be commented.