Q&A: Hideki Kamiya on Bayonetta

Gamespot: Japanese developer Hideki Kamiya knows a thing or two about over-the-top action games. After all, he was the director of the original Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe, as well as the much-loved PlayStation 2 gem Okami. Kamiya is now working as the producer of Bayonetta, an upcoming action adventure game which looks to have the same insane action and outlandish scenarios of the DMC series. We spoke to Kamiya about Bayonetta's story, the weapons you'll find in the game, what DMC influences we'll find, and how Bayonetta is his ideal woman.

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Cajun Chicken3479d ago

Hmm...I expected a SSF2:HD and Lumines price cut, guess that was pushing it, I have most of these anyway, don't really want anymore.

irish-leprecaun3479d ago

i would not give it to her!!

SupaPlaya3479d ago

I think that area on her chest is screaming for a Blu-ray logo in the cover picture. Don't ask me why...

DelbertGrady3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The art direction is horrible imo. It's like DMC mixed with The Wizard of Oz and Tim Burton. Feck it!

NewZealander3478d ago

and after seeing the new trailer it sees like they threw in a bit of tarrintino, looks awefull.

T-What3478d ago

Awesome game I can not wait for it and Bayonetta being hot is a huge plus, must be a lot of homos (or kids) on this site, why am I the only one interested in the game.

N4g_null3476d ago

This is a fanboy flame site. This game is not good enough to win a flame argument I guess Sorry.

The camera and the girl was sweet though. Another thing is most of these HD guys did not like devil may cry or either their wives won't let them play a game like this.

Remember a lot of these guys have to put kids to sleep to even play FPS, sad but true it seems.

Hideki Kamiya is good at what he does though.

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