How Xbox DLC Is Screwing Up

Ryan Rigney of's game blog tells why he thinks that much of the content on Xbox Live Marketplace is overpriced or presented in an undesirable way. Will these trends continue?

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king dong4552d ago

a blog wrote espeially for hits off of n4g.

if it's overpriced and you dont want it, then dont buy it. but if it's overpriced and you want it, then ask mommie and daddie for more allowance money! or ask if you wash the cars or cut the grass.

RKRigney4552d ago

An accusation of immaturity from a guy named "King Dong" is pretty ironic. Also, try learning basic spelling and grammar.

king dong4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

my bad, i didn't put the "c" in especially, and didn't put "can" when i said ask if you can wash the cars.

anyway rigney, my obviously mature and educated prof of you even know who king dong was/is? are you old enough to know?

thought not, try again kiddie.

edit: lol i just saw, it's your article. man get your stupid fanboy blogs off of here. it's not news, just more rubbish for the sony fanboys, more rubbish to generate hits and more rubbish designed to continue this pathetic nerd war.

go outside and see the real world. when you old enough to get a job and earn some real money, you wont need to feel butthurt about spending you entire weeks allowance(thats what you americans call it) on an 8 bucks arcade game...

RKRigney4552d ago

I'm not sure why you keep insisting that I'm a child because I'm concerned about the impact that gaming is starting to have on my wallet. Most average adults are living on a budget these days; money management isn't just for kids living off "allowance."

I'm pretty sure that most people on N4G are trying to be a little more wise and selective with their gaming dollars. That doesn't make them children.

king dong4552d ago

i shouldn't have jumped on you and i apologise.

i know people are being more careful with their cash. but you've got to face reality. a developer and publisher still have to pay their employees, they cant work for nothing. if they make something like an arcade game or a map pack, people have to get paid for it.

although, i'm not talking about EA price gouging.

RKRigney4552d ago

And yeah, I have no idea how Valve survives while providing so much extra content for free. I almost wish they'd let me pay $5 for it so I felt less guilty ;D

Blaze9294552d ago

One thing i can say about Xbox Live Marketplace is how MS or "whoever" makes themes and gamerpics an expense, especially themes. I think themes should be free and if not, make it free for those who at least own the game. It makes no sense having to pay for something NO ONE ELSE will see. Its just a theme.

As for the DLC, if its published my Microsoft its likely a set price from microsoft as well as a agreement with the developers. Halo 2 used to offer a bunch of maps at a good price but now its only three freaking maps for $10 each time. But for non-microsoft published games got no one to blame but the publisher for that title. Like Stranglehold, the content was like 1200 microsoft points for NO reason at all.

IdleLeeSiuLung4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

I completely agree that developers and publishers need to get paid for their work, that is why I don't pirate their games (although this is now extremely easy on both the Wii and Xbox 360). However, if they could justify selling a game for $60 at launch and within 90-180 days reduce the cost to $40, then selling a an extra outfit (or three) for $10 is ridiculous relative to the work they put into the outfit vs. the actual game. Pricing is completely out of hand when I can get a great game for the price of 6 six outfits. Reasonably priced DLC is what consumers are looking for, not necessarily free content. Although it is amazing that Valve is able to release a DLC for free!!! Too bad I didn't like L4D, otherwise I would support them.

What I really don't understand is how they (publishers/developers) can still sell these DLCs and make money? Who are the idiots buying all this content?

Bnet3434552d ago

1. This isn't only Xbox but PSN as well. Look at PAIN DLC for a perfect example of nickel and diming.
2. Microsoft doesn't set the prices, the publishers do, unless Microsoft is the publisher
3. I like oreos

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outlawlife4552d ago

im not sure why this blog is singling out xbox when he discussing multiplatform DLC like burnout

90% of the prices on xbox live are determined by the publisher despite what anyone says

MS suggests a price that the content should be sold at, the publisher proposes their price and they usually are in agreement

family game night and burnout pardise are both published by EA, they are notorious for ripping gamers on DLC

i'm not one to defend all of microsoft's practices but i've published things on xbox live and i know how it is, the prices are not all microsoft

RKRigney4552d ago

...but that's why the title of the title of the article is NOT "How Microsoft Is Screwing Up DLC." I actually do not own a PS3, so I can't really speak for the prices on that console. I'm sure that the same sort of thing happens there (especially with multiplatform games like Burnout Paradise) but the fact that I didn't make the article a 30 pager by acknowledging EVERYONE who is messing up with DLC doesn't mean that I'm excluding them from my criticism.

The point of the article was not to claim that Microsoft is forcing DLC to be priced the way it is; it was to simply point out a disturbing trend in the online space. I'm sure you've seen it yourself.

Off-topic, what have you published on Live?

outlawlife4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

on topic: i'm in aggreement that some content prices are getting out of hand, but the article unfairly paints the problem to be an xbox live problem when the very same content sells for the same price via psn or in some cases PC

off topic: i occasionally do work for a company that provides digital content(ie themes, gamerpics) for xbox live and psn

cyguration4552d ago

it's tough to tell these days. Everyone is looking to rip gamers off especially Microsoft and EA. Together they're the ultimate wallet-raping duo!

RKRigney4552d ago

Madden as a $60 disk-based product is a rip-off if you buy it two years in a row. It's embarrassing.

outlawlife4551d ago

the people who spend their lives making those madden games would probably disagree with you

kickaski4551d ago

Working on the same damn game every year as fast as possible really sucks for the developer. i'm sure they'd prefer less frequency or something

JD_Shadow4552d ago

I think the way Microsoft is using DLC as a weapon in the console war is screwed up and is kind of screwing around with gamers and punishing them for picking one console's version of a game over the other.

Don't know too much about the pricing, though.

RKRigney4552d ago

I can't think of anything besides the GTAIV stuff that has been like you described. That was kind of weird though.

JD_Shadow4552d ago

Fallout 3 and Tomb Raider: Underworld comes to mind.

GiantEnemyCrab4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

Yes, but the Mirrors Edge exclusive time trial maps for PSN are OK?

MS isn't the only offender and I see no problems with having exclusive DLC for a product on one platform. I guess I might be an exception since I own both systems and can have it all.

This article seems to be directing this at Microsoft when the examples you use are for titles not from MS. The examples you use are EA and they are priced the same across all console platforms.

It could always be better but this is the reality and the only thing you can do as a consumer is not buy it. Nobody is forcing you to purchase any of this stuff and you can vote with your wallet.

If you think it's going to get better you are in for a surprise. Pay DLC is on the rise. Heck, even PSN which has always given away themes for free now has a "Premium" section and I've noticed the free themes are less and less and now its "wallpaper" that is free and themes costs $$.

This is an industry change however and not solely Microsoft.

HBK6194552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

To be fair it was one single map GEC, and one thing too, it was 100% FREE!

So you fail on that point, as all that other exclusive DLC is payed for content.

Also Sony have offered premium Themes for a while now(I'd even say since inception), and once again you can get any other theme 100% free, it is as simple as a google search and you can find some that are just as professional as the Premium themes( is probably the definitive, it is a great site and you will find anything if you search for it), there are still enough free themes from the PS Store to download too, do you really need that many anyway?

lowcarb4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

I believe you can download your own theme to 360 for free if you want from any usb device. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think it's possible.

ropelli904552d ago

You can use your own wallpaper but you can't actually use a theme from a usb device, so only one picture in the background. At least that's how it was before NXE.

GiantEnemyCrab4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

HBK: I fail at nothing because that is not my point. It's not about what's free and what costs it's about the content being exclusive on one platform or not. Darkpower's point was about not being able to play the content on another platform and one map or 10 maps I can't play it if I bought the 360 version of Mirrors Edge.

No, PSN did not offer premium themes until last year. When the PS3 launched they had no pay for themes and everything was free.

You do have a point that you can download free themes and that is excellent. PSN has a bunch of free themes available as well and you don't even need to go to the web. XBL also has a section for free themes.

I see the "pay for" content increasing for all platforms as we move forward. They got a taste of the money it generates and they won't go back now.

HBK6194551d ago

But you didn't see the point of Darkpower, he was saying how Microsoft are using DLC as a selling point, by buying DLC exclusivity, I actually believe the exclusive map for the PS3 was an EA doing because of some unknown reason, PS3 did not buy it, and really they didn't use it as a weapon to say "Buy the PS3 version as it is the definitive version, etc. etc."

Buying exclusive DLC is a fair dogs act, and companies letting them do it is even worse, as they should NEVER exclude the people who buy their games.

No, I am 100% sure that the premium themes were available when themes came in, they have been available as free and payed for since then.

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OmarJA4552d ago

How ya like ur DLCs xbots ?...

You guys really break my heart :(

NegativeCreep4274552d ago

After all, DLC exclusivity is what is going to win this generation for Microsoft. Why would they spend $50,000,000+ on something like DLC if it wasn't so decisive...

:\ (My eyes are rolling to the back of my head!)

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