Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots.

When you ask people what could be improved in the GTA series chances are they'll tell you they want a multiplayer mode. Saint's Row developers Volition agree and provide 6 multiplayer modes supporting 2 - 12 players for their upcoming free roaming title. Here are the first ever screenshots from Saint's Row's multiplayer mode.

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Gamer135812d ago

This is my most wanted game for the summer, graphics looks good, i now the gameplay will be solid, online multi is where the action is.

Can,t wait to play it and i realy mean that.

pRo loGic II5812d ago

This game looks great and i love the fresh ideas i'v read about this game, this is a must buy for me. Crack Down is another fresh idea and the games art style is fucin off the hook. Classic!!!

Nodoze5812d ago

According to the E3 06 trailer there are only 35 single player missions!? I cerrtainly hope this is not the case as GTA has hundreds of them! If this is the case, the multiplayer better be good!

FamoAmo5812d ago

This game originally didn't have any missions b/c it more of a free roaming do what you want kind of game but in the end they decided to include them for people that like to play them!! This game has alot more than Miisions to look forward too!! More freedom than GTA and hella more stuff to do (besides missions)!!

Anerythristic265812d ago

I must say that graphically they really polished this game up , ALOT! Early screenshots did not look promising now I am impressed. I can see this game trumping GTA only for the fact that if the gameplay is good people enjoy the level of customization you are afforded. In GTA you are a set character in Saints Row you can be whoever you want.

Marriot VP5812d ago

AWESOME, please have lagless online like halo 2.

GTA multiplayer, it's what we've all been waiting for.

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The story is too old to be commented.