Larrabee is late 09 or early 2010

Fudzilla: "The Larrabee graphics wafer is back, and Gelsinger claims that it is in very good shape. To Pat Gelsinger, Senior VP at Intel also added that Intel plans to have this product in the market in late 2009 or early 2010. Pat was talking about "first discrete graphics products" and the slide, even being so small confirms the claim.

Intel is currently testing and evaluating Larrabee silicon in a lab, and at a the game developers conference last month, Intel showed C++ development library to developers. Naturally Intel claims that everyone is super excited as you can do vector operations much faster, but this is something to be seen."

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fire233478d ago

What are the discreet graphics products? Should be interesting.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

lol, it should fundamentally resemble a cell cpu. of course they will change names, as to not seem to completely rip cell off

LOL AT disagrees, enlighten yourselves and read 2.1

then google it to cross check and reference .


fire233478d ago

What I meant was what server/console/whatever are going to use it.

altimako023478d ago

will say anything to make it seem like the ps3 is the best. larrabee is like the cell just as much as it is like the a regular cpu

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Both use a multitude of single cores (in-order), proficiency in vector calculation, 256 KB of dedicated memory per core, a ring bus to connect it all

where did you and the fanboys that disagreed miss the similarities?

your ridiculous posts are whats draggin this site down, MORE PROOF that most of you are pimple faced noobz

heres a little morsel of the future for you: larrabee will drop and have an advantage over cell, after all cell is 3-5 years old already. so OH NOES the cell is DOOMEDZ and all those articles will come out. until CELL 2 comes out and OWNS.

rinse repeat

Kakkoii3478d ago

Indeed. This site is mainly filled with gamers who only know the information other fanboy gamers pass around, not really interested in tech enough to know the facts.

Marty83703478d ago

Untill Larrabee is in silicon form and has been bench marked, Cell/Hybrids will still rule the roost.