Bioware explains Mass Effect 2 trailer

In the latest issue of OXM, Bioware has partially explained the debut trailer for Mass Effect 2, and hinted at what it was really trying to show.

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Bnet3433482d ago

I never understood the whole Cerberus Reapers thing. I know it was like some weird machine thing, but it confused the hell outta me. Can't wait for ME2! :)

miasma3482d ago

It was that whole 'beyond human comprehension' scenario, so they only mildly explained it.

Disccordia3481d ago

Cerberus were just a bunch of mercenaries in the first game.

The Reapers are not explained in great detail but my understanding of them is that they were just a bunch of powerful machines that would appear every now and again and 'harvest' entire galaxies - taking their technologies, enslaving some of them and completely destroying the rest. Then they would purposely leave some stuff intact (like for instance the mass relays) so that new species would advance more quickly and hence have new technology that the reapers could again take in future.

GameOn3482d ago

They hardly explained it.

RebornSpy3481d ago

not Cerberus. Cerberus is just a secret mercenary group that had a small role in the first Mass Effect game and a large role in the second ME novel. I feel that they will play a larger role in the second game, but I don't get why OXM seems to think that Shepard is chasing the group. They aren't related to the Reapers at all.