Microsoft's Lame New Anti-Apple Ad: Macs Are For Kids

BusinessInsider: Microsoft's (MSFT) latest anti-Apple (AAPL) ad has us scratching our heads: Since when has anyone thought Macs were kiddie computers?

Continuing the company's "Laptop Hunters" ad series, once again we're introduced to budget-conscious shoppers looking to buy a new computer and checking out both Macs and Windows-based laptops. This time, instead of redhead actress "I'm just not cool enough to be a Mac person" Lauren or "Macs are so sexy" Giampaolo, it's a mother-and-son pair, Lisa and 11-year-old Jackson.

Great setup so far, and a scenario consumers can relate to. But here's where the ad goes wrong:

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meepmoopmeep3530d ago

strange, are they intimidated by the Macbook sales of last year?

gamesR4fun3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

2 funny hope they run this one lots XD

Alcon3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

you would think it was more an ad from Sony than from microsoft. Buying a Sony computer with Blu Ray! lol
Well at least Sony can cut back on marketing, it seems others are willing to do the job for them lol

Edit: btw, why buy a laptop for 1500$ if he wants to game on it???
With half that money he can have a high end PC (tower), made for gaming, and with the other half his mother can buy a very decent laptop to check her mails and other basic stuff :/

Edit n°2: 11 years old and he gets a PC for gaming? At that age I wasn't even allowed to have a gameboy, so forget about a 1500$ pc. Seriously kids these days are spoiled to much.

PirateThom3530d ago

Microsoft feel so bad for Sony's marketing department, they've shown them how it's done.

Montrealien3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

lol, yeah, the Viao purchase is Ironic when put into this whole retarded consoles war context the kids seems to love here.

I do enjoy this campaign though, apple deserves a little marketing slap to put them back in there place. They are just high end PC`s now imho and could never compete with the fully upgradable white box PC concept, and more and more people understand how computer hardware works and will understand the value of fully upgradable towers.

GWAVE3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

It seems Microsoft would rather invest in a smear campaign (once again out of so many times) against its competition than trumpeting its own lineup and capabilities.

@ below

The difference is that Mac vs PC commercials tend to have actual facts thrown in there to poke fun at. This commercial boiled down to "You be a child if u use a Mac LOLOLOLOL!"

Montrealien3530d ago

a smear campaign you say, well, it`s not unlike the Mac vs PC commercials, so imho, it`s fair play.

locos853530d ago

"And the ad's worst moment: Shopping for features, Lisa and Jackson find one PC, and exclaim with glee "Blu-ray!" No one cares about Blu-ray. If Microsoft's Windows people talked to Microsoft's Xbox people they'd know that."

So what is the reason they had to put, "No one cares about Blu-Ray" in bold print?? I know plenty of poeple that love Blu-ray including myself. I guess Business Insider enjoys watching movies on SDTV on DVD, more than in HD???

JokesOnYou3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

"And the ad's worst moment: Shopping for features, Lisa and Jackson find one PC, and exclaim with glee "Blu-ray!" No one cares about Blu-ray. If Microsoft's Windows people talked to Microsoft's Xbox people they'd know that." -Eric Krangel

lmfao, he said the worst thing about the add is them mentioning Blu-ray, because no one cares about Blu-ray= OUCH!

I do agree with him about Macs not being known to be popular with young kids, that was out of left field comment by the actors but its good to see micro at least fighting back against apple after years of anti-Windows commercials.


edit: damm loco85, you beat me to the cut & paste, yeah that was a big smack at bluray, it does fine but I think some say that because DVD is still very popular and bluray adoption hasn't taken off nearly as much as was expected after HDDVD's failure.

Montrealien3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )


actual facts, yeah, ok...

there is as much bended truth in the mac adds as there are in the MS adds, stop lying to yourself.

phosphor1123530d ago

Are you serious? None of my friends (that own macs) have ever had that happen. It is a Unix operating system. You really can't f*ck up anything unless you are really retarded, unless you do w/e he did and try to delete important files. Cuz thats smart.

Montrealien3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

That was not my point, but thanks for clearing that up, I was not aware that the Mac was perfect. I should just accept that I guess.

YourCall3530d ago

Did you ask the same question when all the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials were airing? Chill out dude it's just marketing. Funny how when some challenges someone these days they have to be afraid of them.

nbsmatambo3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

they picked the SONY VAIO WITH BLURAY


Tempist3529d ago

Eh.. context is being distorted. She said they needed the laptop to do a lot more things + gaming.

And yes, young people and kids are obsessed with Apple. If the writer of the article disagress with me, then we should both walk the streets and strip every Apple product from anyone under the age of 16. I hope he has a rather large trunk in his car.

PootieTang3529d ago

Silly rabbit, Macs are for kids.


Didnt bother to read but isnt Windows more for kids? Look the games is on PC right? And btw Mac is more secure and better for work I heard my dad has a Mac and its smooth as butter.

pansenbaer3529d ago

To locos and JOY. I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic; making fun of the fact that XBOX division says Blu-Ray is not needed and then Windows division trying to sell it as a great feature. Here is a post from the author about 4 or 5 posts down the page.

"I think you're onto something on "inconsistency," and it's weird to see Microsoft hype "Blu-ray" when that's Sony's biggest selling point for the PS3 against their own Xbox."

Raz3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

It'd be funny if Apple lashed back with an ad about how PCs are 'your mother's computer'. Ironically, it'd essentially be the same message.

Death3529d ago

Can you give an example? The last Mac commercial I seem to remember was the one with the big pile of cash. Apple insisted Microsoft used all tehir money for advetising instead of "fixing" Vista. Appearantly they spent their money developing Windows 7. The irony is Mac was the one using their money on commercials and not Microsoft.


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kalistyles3530d ago

He bought into Blu-Ray and also bought a Sony.

XLiveGamer3530d ago

Yeah that was funny! Bluuuu-Raayyyy!

But its also funny how this fanatics are so into Sony vs Microsoft
Software Company vs Hardware Company.

NNNW3530d ago

holding the sony box for everyone to see lol.

Nineball21123530d ago

Yeah, it seems that the division responsible for this ad, didn't coordinate with the Xbox 360 division! Hahaha...

However, I wonder if most non-hardcore gaming people would even make the connection.

Heldrasil3530d ago

You mean that "SONY" product that has a "MICROSOFT" OS installed? I don't think it comes with, in the end, and logically thinking, aren't Sony and MS supporting each other in this ad? It's not like SONY is rushing out to support LINUX....

Nineball21123530d ago

Yes, but why point out how much kids want Blu-ray? Hell, why not just show the kid putting a PS3 in the shopping cart with dear ol' Mom just smiling while she ruffles the kid's hair?

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TheBand1t3530d ago

I chuckled a bit when he picked a Vaio.

overseer3530d ago

Jeez, these ads are way too idiotic...

mabreu3530d ago

I remember recently watching a Vista ad that had little kids using the computer. WTF?

menoyou3530d ago

why is it lame? because it made you realize how silly you are for spending 3000 dollars on a mac equal to a $900 PC? lol

these ads are perfect. just what microsoft needed to do. im glad theyre fighting fire with fire. now if sony did this with the ps3 wed be getting somewhere.

overseer3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Look, there are pretty simple reasons why people buy macs: fashion, UI, culture, hardware/software usability, build quality. I, personally, don't own anything made by Apple, but I can see why people would want to. I think Apple in a lot of ways is similar to Dyson.

I own a Dyson vacuum and I love it - it's a lot of fun to drive, it cleans well and it looks good. I could achieve the same results with a vacuum half its price, but it wouldn't be as exciting and a fun activity would turn into a hated chore(how many of you enjoy vacuuming) Yes, I did pay a hefty premium for this vacuum, but I can afford it.

Same thing with Macs. They are great machines - very solidly built, beautifully designed and are recognizable as a cultural identifier. No other laptop makes as much of a statement about its owner as a Mac and some people need that.

The ads, on the other hand are corny, unfunny, unimaginative and overall severely lacking in verisimilitude, hence I called them "idiotic"

reckoner3530d ago

You do realize that these are Microsoft ads?

overseer3530d ago

Are you saying that Microsoft can't have good ads?

reckoner3530d ago

No, I said that because it seemed like you thought these were Apple ads.

tda-danny3530d ago

Best to let it go, hes talking about vacuums or some damn thing...

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