Gamespot got Their first look at Codemasters' off-road answer to Race Driver.

In Europe, Codemasters' Colin McRae Rally series has been enjoying both critical and commercial success since it debuted on the PC and the PlayStation in 1998. But it's a different story across the pond, where the titular Scottish rally-driving legend is largely unknown, and the games that carry his name, although great, rarely sell well even with budget price tags. With the sixth game in the series, DIRT (DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road in Europe), Codemasters is looking to broaden the appeal of the series through different territorial branding and with the introduction of additional off-road racing disciplines from North America. Gamespot got a first look at the Xbox 360 version of DIRT during a recent meeting with Codemasters, and they are pleased to report that it's looking very promising indeed.....

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MikeMichaels4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

Motorstorm smokes this visually though.

....nice to finally see the fruits of the "Edge" development tools.

XxZxX4764d ago

ehh?? the previews is on xbox 360.

Robotz Rule4764d ago

Motorstorm eats this game for breakfast!

ACE4764d ago

looks amazing , why do u say its not as good as motorstorm have u playd this game? .a very fanboy comment i must say .

SmokeyMcBear4764d ago

yeah, fanboyish comment, you havent played the game so you can't determine which is better. On the other hand, motorstorm is really really fun to play, the different routes you can take and sky bomb other vehicles, its just a really fun well put together game. The Dirt screens might have the edge on realism, but motorstorm has great graphics and gameplay that is second to none.

004764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

I don't know because this game is not even out yet.

uuuunvnv24764d ago

Motorstorm looks better than this???? YO PASS THAT S**T OVER HERE SON!!! You can see the lines in the ground that makes it look like square sections in motorstorm. Sorry man but other than Forza 2, i havnt seen graphics like that on any racer. Yea go play motorstorm and your 8 maps(LOL LOL). i might have to wait a lil longer but 40 tracks is worth waiting for!!!!

JIN KAZAMA4764d ago

simply amazing. Playing online is a blast. I am addicted to that game. i play against maddens_raiders quite a bit. I'll have to give him some props on it, but as of right now, i got the edge on him. HAHA. Graphics are amazing, total chaos, cars flying over you, crashing right infront of, breaknig apart, you're hopping over them, dust and mud all on your screen. Other cars trying to bumb you off course, using turbo at the right time, this game kicks asss. I love MOTORSTORM!!
PSN = KAL-EL1217

SmokeyMcBear4763d ago

yeah its an awesomely fun game, but i gotta be honest, online i get destroyed, i don't play that often but when i do its always a good time

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