GTTV: Episode 208 - 4/10/09

Chapter 1: Nintendo's Reggie!
What can GTTV expect at E3 from Nintendo? Where are all the hardcore first party games? Reggie tells it all to GTTV!

Chapter 2: DLC to Kill For...
The creators of Killzone 2 give them exclusive details on their upcoming DLC. Plus, Daniel gets up close with the Wii Fit Girl!

Chapter 3: BioShock 2 Footage
GTTV returns to Rapture with the first ever BioShock 2 footage! Also, Peter Molyneux shares the future of Lionhead Studios.

Chapter 4: Reggie Gives a TKO!
Reggie shows a Punch-Out!! trailer that displays a brand new feature! Plus, he also shares his thoughts on the 360 & PS3.

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Th3 Chr0nic3530d ago

i still think reggie is creepy

Product3530d ago

man people here are weird......they will post comments on what someone says even though this is the video where you can actually see it not read it ...and this has 1 comment.

I guess people go where the fight is.