PlayStation Home Xi update - 10 April

PS3-Sense writes: "Just before the weekend starts, PlayStation Home Xi updated this time with again a new puzzle to solve. This is another Stapler task and you have to solve the clock mystery in Hexopolis. If you got the solution you must put it into your HoloPAD, and you recieve the 6th butterfly. There is also a new messenger conversation on and there is a new blog post on Miguel's blog. Below is a complete update list and the answer of the puzzle in a spoiler tag."

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Socomer 19793575d ago

2 butterflies left i think .
im slacking.
i gotta finish the text adventure game CORRUPT
and the extreme hexopolis and sixaxis bike game on extreme before continuing on.
today and sunday i will give it a shot because saturday im having a party and only ps3 gamers are invited.

irish-leprecaun3575d ago

this xi thing shows d potential of home!!