Extreme Gamer Review: The Godfather II

EG: "The Godfather II continues with the ideas that where brought forward in the original game and expands on the universe set up by the Godfather films. Like the first Godfather game, The Godfather II doesn't follow the plot line of the film; it gives the player the freedom to do whatever they wish in this open world sandboxed game. It's all about taking over rackets while setting up your family as power players in the mafia world. This could deter some new comers who are looking for a movie-to-game experience, but for all those who are simply looking for a fun game, you're in luck. What the Godfather takes from the film is the use of a few key players and the same classic feel and look to the film. Most Godfather fans shouldn't be disappointed because the Godfather II is pure gaming fun as it plays up the daydream fantasy of becoming the ultimate Don."

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