BioShock 2 - New screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published some new screenshots from BioShock 2.

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Ghoul3570d ago

not new sadly its "only" screengrabs from the gameplay vid released today.

lloyd_wonder3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Pretty new to the people who haven't seen "screengrabs from the gameplay vid released today."


Fishy Fingers3570d ago

Then for those people

Watch the video instead.

jahcure3569d ago

But not really a bad thing since the initial formula worked and for all practical sense it's the same location right? They could have simply released this as dlc addtion to the first one though, instead of making a new disc since it's basically the same. I'll pass final judgement on the finished product since screens and vids don't show full details

piramides303570d ago

It looks like BioShock 1.1.
IT's the same.

diefor3569d ago

Yep. I was waiting to see something outside, clear day.

diefor3570d ago

This are from the gameplay video. This game rocks :).

-MoOkS-3569d ago

It looks like the ps3 version, which was bad, so I'm guessing the pics are from the ps3 version?

OmarJA3569d ago

PP go back to the open zone...

the game's graphics is average anyway.

CaseyRyback_CPO3569d ago

Wake me up when a 360 game can hang with Uncharted, then we will go onto MGS4,Gran Turismo,Killzone2,Motorstorm2, Little Big Planet and everything else that the 360 would have a heart attack trying to do.

Lets see who hides behind "ooo touchy", and ignores the fact that the 360 couldn't even run warhawk.

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