The Brief - GDC 09 &The Changing Face of Game Development

Wanda Meloni @ Gamasutra: "This was perhaps the most exciting, invigorating Game Developer Conference I have attended, and I've been attending GDC since1995. There is a growing shift in the way we think about games and develop them - from new technology and tools, to new distribution models.

We are in a state of re-invention where development, business and finance models are completely giving way to a renaissance movement that will challenge the current composition of gaming (more on this Gaming Renaissance Movement in next issue of The Brief).

Of course the big news at GDC was the unveiling of OnLive, and much of the company details have already been written about. What is most impressive is that Steve Perlman has been stewarded the company for seven years, working in stealth mode on its on-demand digital distribution concept.

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