Is HD Worth the Money?

PlayStationlive writes "It's emerged that just over 35% of gamers play in HD, 5% of people have HD Tv's, but dont bother getting a HDMI Cable either because they can't be bothered or are confused with the HD System."

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Real Gambler3482d ago

The author said: "If you want to use HD with your favourite tv programs, you may have to wait another year or two for your favorite channels to be shown in HD."

What is the HD status in England (I think that's what the guy is talking about?). I was sure they already had all the recent (3 years old or less) tv show in HD already!???

Is there any other European countries who are not getting recent tv shows in HD?

Lucreto3482d ago

Sky are the only ones that provide HD for a long time now others are getting it. But I won't pay Rupert Murdoch anything and wait for it to appear on a different compay over in Ireland.

gamesmaster3482d ago

Anyone with an HDtv and a next gen console playing without hdmi, is either misinformed or just plain stupid.

enviable273482d ago

Or just owns a crappy hdtv.... I used to be one of those people, but now couldnt be happier with my 52a650

ravinash3482d ago

There's nothing on TV I want to watch anyway.
Its bad enough I have to pay a TV licence for having a TV just so I can watch DVDs/BluRays and play PS3 games.

The only things I seem to watch these days is the news and old reruns on Dave.

Bnet3433482d ago

I'm pretty sure he is talking about US. Some channels aren't in HD yet. I believe Cartoon Network isn't HD but that channel sucks balls now anyway with all that crap cartoons intoxicating our young kids minds these days. Needs more DBZ and action cartoons so young dudes could learn to kick ass. Before I derail off topic, to me, HD is worth the money because I hadn't purchased a new TV since 1997 before I got my HDTV in 2007 so I was pretty much gaming on a very crappy TV that was very blurry and hard to read letters.

Tarasque3482d ago

No stupid is when people spout about stuff they don't know or need to read up on. HDMI is no way shape or form superior of component cable's, i am not going to sit here and say all this stuff or copy and paste when you can just google and read.

kharma453482d ago

HD in the UK is still taking off, there still isn't a lot of content tbh.

Free HD channels are few are far between, there's only BBC HD and ITV HD, both of which don't broadcast all day, ITV shows films and sports in HD and thats about it, the BBC shows a bit more but the channel doesn't broadcast 'til after 7pm.

If you pay for Sky, you get a much wider range of channels in HD, 3 or 4 movie channels, roughly the same number of sports channels and a number of documentary channels.

You also get Sky1 HD (but most of their shows are just upscaled to 720p) and Channel 4 HD, but again, it's mainly upscaled.

It'll be a few years yet I'd say before HD takes off in the UK, I'd say it'll coincide with Freeview HD's launch, as Freesat HD hasn't taken the UK by storm yet.

kurochi3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Correction to 1.6's rant:

It really depends on the equipments that you're running the HDMI or component cables you're running from and to. For me, HDMI is the preferred route as everything has to run through my amp and it just helps me in dealing with just 1 cable per equipment.
In essence, if you've got a lousy HDTV to begin with, it wouldn't matter which cable you run your source to.

GameOn3482d ago

You don't need a TV license if you only use your TV to play dvd's/BR's and games (uk).

darthv723482d ago

been wondering when these articles were going to pop up again. The ones evaluating wether or not to go hd and the sorts. I can say that I play my games in either 720p or 1080i and they look great. I watch a few BR movies but mostly upscaled dvd's because I have way to many to rebuy on HD.

The costs are going down and the quality is going up. 240hz screens are coming out (if not already) which is pushing the 120hz ones down in price which is also pushing the 60hz ones down even further. I use a plasma (42" samsung) and can see a difference when switching from a regular cable channel to the digital version (not hd). So much clearer and colorful.

Yes....HD is worth the money!

aksmashh3482d ago

Just Like Everthing Else Were Still Playing Catch Up

I Went To US 2 Years Ago & They Already Had Free HD Channels
& 100meg Broadband

Please Don't Write Stupid Replys Like At Least Were Ahead Of Romania (no offence) Because Thats Not A Achievement.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

your brain fails you/ your tv is not 1080p capable

nirwanda3482d ago

I play my 360 using a vga cable because it provides a much sharper picture without any overscan and image clipping, 720p panels are usually 1366 x 768 and 720p is only 1280 x 720 so when it upscales not only do you have an image that is a lower rez you also miss bits at the side and top and bottom so its actually more like 700p, yes 1080 is better though HDMI but i don't think 720p is.

TheAntiFanboy3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Here's something that always bothered me about my PS3: why does it not come with HD cables? How can it claim itself to be a Blu-Ray player if it isn't even HD-ready out of the box? So many people don't even realize that the PS3 is capable of so much more than what it does, all because Sony forces you to buy that capability separately. Even if it's cheap to buy (like $15), people still aren't informed enough to know. I can't count how many non-technically inclined friends I've met that have a PS3, have an HDTV, and don't even realize that they're not playing it to its fullest extent.

I mean hell, the 360 comes with component cables in the $300 version, and it doesn't even use Blu-Ray. So what gives, Sony?

ultimolu3482d ago

Lol, so true gamesmaster.

aksmashh3482d ago

If Anyone Hows Looking For HDMI Cable

Get A Gold Plated One Because Its The Best Conductor But Just Because Its Gold It Shouldn't Be Too Expensive Between £20-£60. The Best Place Is The Internet Because Shops Are Normally Much More Expensive.

A Stiff Cable Aswell Because More Bends Means Loss Of Quality
Also Most Cable Are Not That Well Bulit Your Damage The Theads Inside
If You Bend It To Much.

I Wouldn't Go Crazy Because Its Quiet Hard To Tell Difference Between
£30 or £100 (On The PS3)

IcarusOne3482d ago

Winner: HDMI

I watch on a 52" Aquos and the difference between HDMI and Component was never more clear to me than when I changed my Dish Network output to HDMI. Dish has a crawling logo on the screen when it's turned off and with component, that logo, which is the word DISH in red lettering, was very blocky and compressed. Then I switched to HDMI - and the blocks were gone. The logo is now pure, smooth, clean red. Add to this the ability to transfer uncompressed audio and you've got a wonder cable.

As for the quality of HDMI cables, I've gone through several, from super expensive to $30 Rocketfish. Bottom line: HDMI is so good, unless you're running your signal beyond 10 feet, the type of HDMI cable doesn't really matter. At 3-6 feet, there's not enough distance for any noticeable signal loss.

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badz1493482d ago

but in my country where all TV channels including the paid ones are still in analog/SD which makes my HDTV not giving the quality of picture like it should be! the only thing my TV is doing at its best right now is playing PS3 games, as PC monitor and for me to watch BD movies and downloaded HD media off torrents! I heard that the transition to digital broadcasting here in Malaysia will take place in 2012 and that's a further 3 years away!!

spunnups3482d ago

The moment I knew I Needed an HDTV, was the first time I saw a NFL game in HD at Best Buy.

Axecution3482d ago

How many people here even know anybody with a PS3/360 playing on a SD TV? I mean really... I know one. Obviously, he's a 360 user. Go figure. But i mean seriously - whats the purpose of a current-gen console if you're playing on a Standard Definition TV?

XLiveGamer3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Yeah just like 3 young guys i know that they own a PS3 but play them on 480p lol its on both sides punk. lol

Now that's what i call a waste of money. lol

Anyway 2 of them said they are getting a HDTV this xmas.

Bnet3433482d ago

I know 4 guys who play on an SDTV with PS3 and 2 chicks that play on an SDTV with a PS3. I also know 1 guy who plays on an SDTV with a 360 and his sister plays her 360 on an SDTV. I know 4 guys who play Wii's on an HDTV in the living room. That's about it.

Fencefry3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I normally play on a 42" SDTV, but I take my PS3 over to my neighbors a bunch (He has an HDTV). Oh and my SDTV has 7.1 surround, so it's kind of a choice: amazing sound, or amazing video.

PS3Freak3482d ago

I know, one guy, he has a PS3 AND A 360 both hooked up to his SDTV. I used to be one myself i had my Ps3 on an SDTV for almost a year till i could buy an HDTV.

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