Wii Must Not Have a Low Price?

From nintendorevolution.ca : "When people walk into a game store and they see a PS3 for $599 versus a Wii for $199, they'll assume the PS3 is better, much like a game that is $50 must be better than a game that sells for $20, even if it's only because the $50 game is brand new and the $20 game is an old classic."

Do Nintendorevolution.ca have a valid point here or will the low price only work in favour of Nintendo?

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RealDoubleJ6567d ago

how many americans were actually aware of the Dell Jukebox's existence?? It certainly didnt have a slick marketing campaign with U2 advertising it I can assure you. The Wii can still sell a bucketload to non-gamers at a $199 price because of Nintendo's intellectual properties, a huge army of cute fluffy mascots vs. Sony's....Spyro? Crash Bandicoot? Ratchet & Clank?? Families will have more interest in Wii technology (especially cheaper technology around kids) while PS3 will battle it out with the 360 for the much vaunted teenage/young-adult demographic.

FamoAmo6567d ago

Nintendo will dominate in Japan mainly due to the new controller and the Price!! Gamers or hardcore gamers will pick the ps3 over nintendo due to games but I think Nintendo will be 2nd in the console race right next to the 360 which is gonna win and sadly to say ps3 with a 600$ price tag and games that look worse than the 360's will finish 3rd!!

Fat Onion6567d ago

who would buy a ps3 as a gift for a kid at that price?

most kids 10 and under cant even tell the difference in graphics.

Sphinx6567d ago

and when I hit the lottery, or pull off a million dollar heist, I will buy the PS3 so I can play... wait, all the games I want to play are on the 360 and Wii!

Droidbro6567d ago

if your family is anything like mine or mexican they will buy the cheapest system there. it may not be the ps3 or 360 the kids wanted but they'll still tear open the box and play the first chance they get. the majority of console gamers are pretty uninformed about this kind of stuff

ArchChef6567d ago

Its pretty impressive that you can surf the internet. I would imagine the Klan hood would limit your ability to type.

UnbeWiivable6567d ago

"juan of da grate tings about xbox360 end 'ow hot it get is yu can cuk tacos in da dvd drive"