Killzone 2 DLC Release Date Confirmed

Sony has confirmed the releas edate of the Killzone 2 DLC through a press release. It will be on thursday april 30th, and a price has not yet been confirmed.

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Rehabinum3698d ago

Sounds good. The information in this newspost is also good, but I want to know how much it will cost me to buy this!

TheFreak3698d ago

People should stop paying for DLC. It's freaking annoying to have to pay MORE for an already expensive game. Greedy devs stop charging for DLC or stop with DLC and put that extra content on the disc from the get goooooo!!!

FamilyGuy3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I have a question. You know how PSN games can be bought from the PSN Store and shared, what about DLC? I have never tried this so now i'm wondering. Say a friend buy DLC for any game, can I then sign on to his account and get a copy?

Thanks, that was quick. + (_)

PirateThom3698d ago

Yeah, DLC can be shared.

MiloGarret3697d ago

I'll pay for it, if its justified, two maps doesn't seem like a lot, but if the price is low... I don't care, just a couple of $ anyway.

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DarK-SilV3698d ago

I have never paid for dlc, because I refuse to, but I will buy KZ2 dlc because this game delivers

LiL T3698d ago

I cant wait for this DLC. Train level looks good especially when you have to jump from one to the other, should make it intresting.

richierich3698d ago

I just hope it gets released in Europe the same time as US

Rehabinum3698d ago

This is from a European pressrelease.

marcindpol3698d ago

this game was made in Netherlands by European developers so i doubt it wont be released at the same time worldwide...

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