OXCGN Goes Deep Into The Mystery of BioShock 2: There's Something In The Sea That's Stealing Our Children


"The latest trailer released today of Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams definitely shows you playing the role of Big Daddy and getting instructions from a female control person...

The various papers and even letters from young girls that have escaped or those following the "large figures" to the sea report the observation of a red glow in the ocean. All the girls are 7yrs old, all have dark short hair, are of light build and are very similar in looks and body type.

Some of the OXCGN team have had a look at it to see what they can uncover."

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XboxOZ3603480d ago

This is very similar to the Far Cry 2 viral campaign that a huge number of ppl thought was real. This campaign has been going for a little while now but is gaining momentium now . should be great

Godem3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

totally agree with the final words that the Camera has got to go...

I HATED the game in the original, i know it was optional, but you felt guilty not using it, and on top of that you unlocked some sweet things if you used it... but it always felt like a chore.

Hopefully Big Daddy's fat fingers are too huge to operate a camera!

Simpsons - "The fingers you have used to dial, are to fat" heheh

gaminoz3480d ago

But I loved the original....

Looks like we get to see how the little sisters came about...

theEnemy3480d ago

Bioshock 1 was almost perfect, the camera was fine.

But the the game needs more Bosses or epic fights. It was quite easy, not to mention the quick save/load prevents anyone from using those vita chambers.

Btw, didn't they dropped the Sea of Dreams tag?

XboxOZ3603480d ago

Doesn't seem so, it's in a great deal of info on the game, and even on the current official website, see link in the article.