End of Eternity Official Website Launched

The official website for the New RPG by tri-Ace and SEGA has been launched today

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Lucreto3479d ago

Sega and tri-ace. Might be interesting.

- Ghost of Sparta -3479d ago

It already looks better than Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

AAACE53479d ago

I wonder if this is in any way tied in with the old "Eternal Arcadia" (Skies of Arcadia) game for Dreamcast. It kind of reminds me of it a little bit.

Anyway, still looks like it will be an OK game.

BTW, guys please quit hating on every Jrpg that doesn't get high praise and has a few bugs. The truth is, these games have had the same problems for years, but with all this technology, we are just now starting to see it clearly.

Lucreto3479d ago

People forget that some of the end of the PS1 era were excellent and the early PS2 were crap and they improved over time. It is the same again they early ones are poor buy will improve.

SaiyanFury3478d ago

Well it looks like tri-Ace (huge fan BTW) finally got out from under Square-Enix's boot. Maybe with a new publisher they'll return to their previous glory. I'm keeping a magnifying glass on this one.

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chidori6663479d ago


BadboyCivic3479d ago

until i see the reviews...last hope was the last hope i had in tired of being disappointed...its sad when im still playing last gen rpgs

Godmars2903479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Until I see see some gameplay.

So far its only real selling point is that its multiplatform.

GameGambits3479d ago

After checking out the website I can say this looks promising in just art style and mature theme alone. The girl character doesn't look like an anime ho, and the lead character reminds me of Rubedo from Xenosaga which is a good thing.

We already know from other screens that the game will be a third person action rpg, so it should be a fresh take on a JRPG.

Winter 2009 till we know if it's a hit or a dud like the rest.

Stedron3479d ago

Awesome I never though I'd say this Im glad its Sega not SE this time.

For PS3 fans lets just hope they don't pull a Last Remnant on us.

raztad3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Fully agree with you. After the AWESOME Valkyrie C, I'm very glad SEGA is after this game. Lets hope the best without too much hype :D, Tri-Ace yet need to prove itself.

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