Killzone 2 DLC Gameplay and Interview HD - GTTV

The creators of Killzone 2 give GTTV exclusive details on their upcoming DLC.

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-MoOkS-3482d ago

Who cares about DLC. They need to be focused on fixing the broken multiplayer mode. Whats the point in releasing DLC when the MP is an unbalanced mess? I guess they just don't care about quality and just want to make money.

The 1st one had such a great variety of modes and maps....same cant be said for the 2nd sadly.

redsquad3482d ago

"Shame" on GG?

Wow. What, IN YOUR OPINION, is 'broken' about KZ2 MP?

3482d ago
lociefer3482d ago

Aweosome maps , if its free then GG im in love , if its not i'm still buying it :P

-MoOkS-3482d ago

Go over to the official PS kz2 boards and see how many people have issues with the multiplayer. Because im definately not the only one who thinks it's unbalanced

crillyconlig3482d ago

the people complaining about the ballance of the game just need to practice more.

im doing fine and loving the game, check my stats on psn:crillyconlig

crillyconlig3482d ago

reading your comment history, you must plain suck at kz warzone, and your a trolling 360fanboy, play games be happy mr

xhi43482d ago

put down the wii mote and learn to shoot, that might help you out a bit!

-MoOkS-3482d ago

@ all you people saying im bad at warzone. Go on the kz2 site and type in my psn name and check my stats. I bet im better than 95% of people on this site. Sorry I have a big ego when it comes to multiplayer games

crillyconlig3482d ago

you havnt unlocked all the classes yet, you cant moan about the balance of the game when you dont have all the classes

solidt123482d ago

New maps look incredible. I can't wait.

Ethreon3482d ago

I just had to check it out..
95%? Pfft.. don't make me laugh, you just talked way over your head Mooksie-boy. :P

phosphor1123482d ago

Learn to play mooks =].

Only thing that needs to be fixed is SMG and Air Support (which is WAY too weak)

Kleptic3482d ago

why does that site never let me search for other people?...I put their name in at the leaderboard search box thing...then it takes me to some random page of the leaderboard...of which they are not on anyway...

either way...kind of figured he was running his mouth a bit more than he soon as I heard that he isn't even a general, his opinion on the matter went out the window...

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Ps_alm3k3482d ago

Why are you here..?
Make your own game STFU!!!!!!

-MoOkS-3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

And i'm here to discuss gaming news.

Chubear3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I think your issue is you probably didn't click the option in the menu to play with only people in your rank region. If you start Killzone 2's Warzone MP with that unchecked then you'll be playing against gamers which much higher ranks and thus more abilities.

Uncheck the option and perhaps your balancing issues may be taken care off. Other than that I can't help you cause other than the game is WAR. Perfected. - PERIOD! XD

It has a tonne of options you can tweek so I'm not understanding why, if you don't like Rocket Launchers, why you keep going into rooms with RL when you can just customize your options and never go into rooms with RL or certain types of classes. Hell, you can also have Rifle, Sniper & Pistol only rooms. So if you don't take advantage of these customizations... isn't that your problem?

chidori6663482d ago

killzone 2is already dominates the n4g.

tdrules3482d ago

yayyy claustrophobic maps for a game that has turned into a fragfest
i expected tactics due to the class system but taht was too much to expect i guess.
if they cared they could have released a FREE (something you dont get on a consoles enough) update increasing level cap and ability to disable grenades

Ps_alm3k3482d ago

Look at the level of detail and the complexity of the game.
Look how fast they came up with DLC!!!! and patch!!!!
People are so spoiled and everything is subjective.
I know but can you give them some props!!!!

-MoOkS-3482d ago

I agree that their support has been impressive. Too bad they arent addressing the real issue's that are destroying the multiplayer though

DirtyLary3482d ago

What do you expect? Sony has dumped a shtload of cash in their studio.

I feel bad for the independent studios that don't get any love like /6

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