Reggie: PS3 has challenges, Nintendo wants to be better than Xbox Live

Nintendo's President and COO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime was recently asked about what worries him in terms of the competition. Fils-Aime commented on both the PS3 and 360, saying that the Sony has some challenges with the PS3 and that Nintendo looks to see what can be done to be better than Xbox Live.

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kickaski3530d ago

F U, Reggie. you used to be cool.

xztence3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

he was such an a$$ in that interview. hard to say anything good about the ps3? why, you have a grudge against them now that your being outselled in ur native region nintendo?

ChickeyCantor3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )


LOL, i dont think they are worried about that.

If you watched the interview the question was: Wether he was worried if he looked at the other two. Apparently he is worried about xboxlive, but not so much about the PS3. He does in fact compliment them on the quality of games and bringing new ideas to the table.
He was just answering the question to wether he was worried concerning competition.

At below,
Have some yourself XD

BeNice3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Hasn't sony been jerks before and said truly negative things about the wii. You might come out and say yes but they were true. Well anyone can also claim its true for the ps3 and both sides would appear biased.

If nintendo makes these statements because they are being outsold by the ps3 then ofcourse sony made those statemtns because they were bing outsold by the wii and they wanted to svae face.

Why does it even matter that the ps3 outsold the wii? aren't they supposedly not competing according to sony and certain gaming media outlets? So it is nothign that the ps3 outsold the wii. TO outdo the install base at the current rate the ps3 will have to sell like this for 8 years or more. i think that might go beyond sony's 10 year plan. considering its already been 2 years.

edit: add what sidar said to this. giving u a bubble sidar.

StephanieBBB3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

They put out mediocre games and act like those games can compete with what the 360 and especially the PS3 are bringing to the table in terms of quality and gameplay.

If anyone should have had the RROD it should have been the Wii...

leila013530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

If their new goal is to beat Xbox live then I'm all for it.

I'm sure the next Wii is going to be awesome.

N4Sony3530d ago

should be to more consistently support their little toy. I know as long as it keeps selling to soccer moms and five year olds that ninty won't care, but for the audiences they're blatantly leaving behind, maybe they could release a good game or two?

better than XBOX live? The Wii? NINTY?! nope, that's about as legit as them actually caring about E3, as we all saw so evidently last year with that massive, impressive Wii Music presentation /facepalm.

I hate Nintendo now a days...hated em' since I stopped playing Mario 64 back in 1999.

creatchee3530d ago

Attack Microsoft - Nintendo rocks.
Attack Sony - Nintendo sucks.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

raztad3530d ago

Lets Nintendo has its moment on the top, last two gen were very tough for them. In any case the "challenged" PS3 has more than enough time ahead :D. Meanwhile, enjoy VC, is an AMAZING game!!!

3530d ago
lowcarb3530d ago

Sorry, but I hit disagree on accident.

Back on topic: I give Nintendo props for doing what they had to do to stay alive, and giving props where it's due. If the next Nintendo takes on Live next gen then I will be impressed.

N4Sony3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Excellent arguement to my point! I'm so glad you could provide evidence to the contrary to prove me wrong. Your contributions to this discussion were without question quite valuable.

That and you're obviously <12 years old. Thanks for playing.

@Creatchee: No kidding eh? It's incredible how any company gets praised for the M$ insults here and yet once they go after Sony...IT'S ON! Now, I hate Ninty either way, but seriously, Reggie would be praised like a God here if he just sat back bashing XBOX and Greenberg all day.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3530d ago

Attack Microsoft - Nintendo rocks.
Attack Sony - Nintendo sucks.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. "

It's funny because it goes both ways. Funnier because you don't even realize! LMAO!

Viper73530d ago

Based on the praise that Xbox live has gained these past years its likely that their service is still somewhat better than PSN.

But as for nintendo to want to beat live? Well they could start from the basics and provide their users with features like voice chat and multiplayer in most of their games and leaderboards. Currently Wii:s online services are pathetic compared to competitors.

Wii ware is nice, but pales in comparison to live market place and PSN store.

It took nintendo what 5 years longer to bring voice chat to their games?
How long you think it will take them to achieve lives current state? 5? 10? 50? 500?

IzKyD13313530d ago

The company with a microphone that makes it so everyone in the house can hear what your doing, friend codes, incredible texting while playing game play(that forces you to say sentences like "Wow, your good" and "Your just lucky" and "Hello"

pain777pas3530d ago

Really wasn't expecting him to be so negative about the PS3. They will be #1 eventually.

king dong3530d ago

live on the first xbox was far superior(apart from the wii ware store) to what the wii can do now.

if nintendo are truly serious, then they need to start now! plus, they should really be looking to their next console. because they've shown the others the light so to speak.

i can see microsofts next xbox being an obviously updated machine, but it will have wii-mote nunchuck clone to go with the normal pad, so it can do both wii type games and still do what it does normally.

i wouldn't be surprised if the next xbox comes with a pad, wii-mote and nunchuck clone and their very own version of wii sports straight off the bat.

if microsoft or sony can get a machine like that on the market first and advertise the hell out of it(we all know what microsofts marketing is like by the way), the i think it could be very difficult for the others to comeback from something like that.

Smacktard3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Gonna get a lot of disagrees from this one since N4G is a Sony fanboy haven. Whatever, I don't care.

Reggie was ASKED to comment on it. He didn't come outright and say "Well the PS3 sux XD" So he did comment on it. And I agree! The PS3 isn't really doing anything that would intimidate Nintendo. They're just so far behind. He complimented the PS3 on the quality games he has, and he's right. Is there anything he can learn from the PS3? Well, not to do what Sony did. The only redeeming quality about the console itself is the online.

He had a much better attitude than Sony who keeps saying "We see ourselves as the TRUE leaders of the industry" (even though their console is failing the most) and other comments. They're still acting butthurt.

edit: I am glad that Nintendo is realizing their challenges with the online though. Hopefully things will change drastically next gen (no pay 2 play online though please).

Eddie201013530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Nintendo can't compete with what PS3 has, gaming wise or online wise. His comment about PS3 was not only arrogant, but also stupid.

The honest truth about the Wii is it really does nothing that the Gamecube couldn't have done, in fact the Wii mote was originally designed to be an add on for the Gamecube.

Nintendo's game library is lacking any real quality, except for there first party games and half of them are just a variation on Mario. Most of the games are shovel ware. I now Nintendo has promised since the N64 to develop a more diverse library of games, but they stick to the cartoony family type games. honestly I'm getting kinda bored with those types of games

Its a good thing they have a good add agency, because that is most of the reason it has sold so well, that and a good gimmick with the Wii mote, which for me, I could easily live without. If it depended on the hardcore market (real gamers) they would not have done any better than the game cube had.

Honestly if the majority of real gamers (not Casual, Pick up for ten minutes and think they done something gamers) had to pick between only having a Wii or a PS3, I have no doubt they would choose a PS3.

Smacktard3530d ago

Eddie, your ignorance really shows. The Wii is the console of real gamers. Not the ones that started playing video games this gen or last gen and claim to be HARDC0RE!!!!. You've got puzzle games, fighters, RPGs, platformers, action games, adventure games, etc., all coming to the Wii in droves. There are a ton of great-looking third party games coming out for the Wii! Where are they for the PS3? Where are the third-party exclusive PS3 games? Show me them.

Wanna see what the Wii has to offer? Once again: http://forums.gametrailers....

These are games that REAL gamers will enjoy.

I'm glad I got a Wii (I wasn't impressed with it a year and a half ago, though). Its situation has really picked up recently. 2009 is gonna be fantastic.

deeznuts3530d ago

Is to figure out how to get his Wii out of my drawer as I have all 3 consoles.

RememberThe3573530d ago

Nintendo's nonchalant attitude about Sony has bitten them in the ass twice already.

I honestly don't see the Wii and PS3 in competition myself, seeings as how SCE couldn't get the PS3 into the Wii's price range if they wanted to. The 360 is a direct competitor when it comes to pricing so I can see why Nintendo would be concerned.

But to be honest I think they're just trying to enjoy their time at the top, I know I would.

Mini Mario3530d ago

"he was such an a$$ in that interview. hard to say anything good about the ps3? why, you have a grudge against them now that your being outselled in ur native region nintendo?"

Yeh coz sony always share their love for the wii. lol...does that mean they have a grudge too>>?

IcarusOne3530d ago


Seriously though, I'm surprised to find a thread where the xbots just have to heat up a bag of popcorn, sit back, and watch everyone else fight it out. Very refreshing. Look at the sony boys running around like chickens with their heads chopped off...

Perfect end to a Friday.

kickaski3530d ago

I loved the Gamecube, N64, and SNES. I wanted Reggie lead a Revolution in the game industry and i fought for the the Revolution everyday. The revolution eventually lead to a terrifying fascist occupation of the industry known as Wii and now i feel betrayed by a corporation that used to value quality over quantity.

Unless Nintendo climbs the mountain of compelling software for my demographic, they are worthless to me.

Face Palm3530d ago

Wii is SOOO close to XBL!

I mean between no voice chat, no real online games besides Mario Kart, no console demos and the incredible ease of giving out a 16 digit friend code!

Man, Microsoft better watch their back! Nintendo's catchin up!

/sarcasm and facepalm

Scrupuless3529d ago

this is a comment directed to position nintendo to charge a fee for there online play, clear and simple.

DrJones3529d ago

He was answering a question, not bashing.

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-MoOkS-3530d ago

The ps3 has challenges?....thats an understatement. The ps3 has obstacle's the size of mountains, would be a better statement.

I highly doubt Nintendo will pose a threat to xbox live. First they need the content then 2nd they need great multiplayer games. They have neither as of yet.

MURKERR3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

selling more consoles than 360 did in two years despite the higher price tag? outselling the wii in japan? only being outsold monthly recently by 100,000 units in the usa by a console thats cheaper than the wii? no developer issues over disc space? in 2years has produced the best console game graphically with more to follow? an abundance of 1st party exclusive games no need to try buy timed 3rd party exclusives? free online.....

price is an issue that can and will be rectified so please amuse me......what mountains?

xztence3530d ago

Well said. took the words right out of my mouth.
I don't see these mountains you speak of.

-MoOkS-3530d ago

1 - The price. Enough said
2 - Lack of Advertising. And when they do advertise it is usually weird and doesn't make people want the game....This is Living commercials etc
3 - They cant break into the casuals market because of the price
4 - No interest in keeping or securing exclusive titles, from what i've seen.
5 - The increasing yellow light of death problem, mainly on the 60gb models, and the disc reading problem is becoming more widespread.
6 - The exclusive titles arent living up to expectations gameplay wise. Resistance 2, killzone 2, LAIR, HAZE etc.
7 - Inconsistent online multiplayer experience. One game could have a great online setup, clans, parties, leaderboards etc, then another has a barely useable setup. Xbox live has recquirements for online multiplayer you can always expect a good experience.

xztence3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

1. PRICE PRICE PRICE, dont people realize this is a pretty good price for what you are getting, and seriously anyone knows a pricecut is just around the corner.

2.True to an extent, they did a good job on the killzone 2 and motorstorm commercials, but they are improving step by step.

3 they have already made an impact with LBP and its going to happen when they announce the price cut.

4. you are wrong, this is not 2007.

5. nothing compared to the 360. and ps3 has no PIRACY whatsoever while the wii and 360 is becoming more WIDESPREAD every year.

6. oh really? i know its ayour opinion but.. killzone 2? really?
and dont bring in lair and haze, lair was a pretty good game imo.

7. yeah right, tell me 1 person who prefers p2p over dedicated servers <.<

pwnsause3530d ago

what the f**k are you talking about? half of the stuff you posted is bullsh*t. please GTFO and play on a PS3 before you talk about these "Mountains" that you state.

-MoOkS-3530d ago

I have a ps3, so I know what is true and what isn't.

pwnsause3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

"6 - The exclusive titles arent living up to expectations gameplay wise. Resistance 2, killzone 2, LAIR, HAZE etc."

so you are telling me that is true? i mean I know haze and Lair was bad, but R2 and KZ2? get off of that sh*t man, its bad for you.

and please don't bring up #5, last time I heard of such a problem was 5 months ago and that was it. Wiis and PS3s are proven to have a death rate of below %3. if you have experienced it, then ok, i understand but only about %3 of that group gets that issue.

Yes, go ahead disagree with me, stop pulling s**t out of you A**hole, its bad for your colon.

as for #7, clan support depends if the devs want to implement it, no games require it, and speaking of which, a bunch of PS3 games support it, with KZ2 leading the pack.

crck3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

@2.3 You sure you ain't plastic man? Cuz damn you are stretching it. But if you want to turn this into a stupid fanboy war here we go:

1. Yes, MS has a problem. Their console is down to half the price of the PS3 and they are only selling 100k more then the PS3 in the US each month (half of which is negated by bigger sales of the ps3 in Japan each month). They were selling the core 360 for only $70 more then a PS2 until the Ps2's price drop last week. What's their next step? A free 360 with every happy meal? People in the US looking for a HD console can either buy a 360 for $200 or a PS3 for $400. 40% of them are willing to pay double for a PS3. DOUBLE THE PRICE!!!! 360 sales are sad for the price point they have dropped to.

2. Yeah the PS3 commercials sucked in 2k6 and 2k7 but I see nothing wrong with the PS3 commercials over the last year and a half. Better then those stupid 360 commercials where they play that goofy music and show happy people all over the place then flash Mature rated games at the end of it. lol

3. Its a good thing Sony has the Ps2 for the casual market then huh?

4. Yeah that's worked out great for MS hasn't it? Pay for a one year exclusive and just sit and watch as the PS3 gets the director's cut of the game (Eternal Sonata, Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Tales of Vesperia).

5. Hahahah You got to have some real balls to bring up reliability...

6. At least the Ps3 still has new exclusives coming out.

7. Yeah because Gears of War 2 is a great online experience.

SL1M DADDY3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

From my take on all this, you seem to be a Nintendo fanboy but yet you make a statement like this... I'm trying to see how somebody that would defend Nintendo would benefit from criticizing Sony's online platform... Not making any sense of this right now. Can you clear it up for me? Last I knew, Ninty's online was trash. Any comments?

I know Xbox Live is good but it costs money and the PSN is free. Very few, if any at all, recent releases ont he PSN have had any issues. So, what is it exactly that makes the PSN so iffy?

-MoOkS-3530d ago

Im not a nintendo fanboy, don't even own a wii or ds. I was comparing the online setup of ps3 games compared to 360 games.

Raoh3530d ago

I won't even address the silly mountains comment.

but nintendo doesnt need great multiplayer games. the only console relying on multi console games is microsoft. they are treating it like windows. nintendo and sony do very well with first and second party. and even microsoft shines more with exclusives than multi platform games.

multiplatform games usually gimp a game. unless its a movie license or something like that why do you feel it needs great multiplatform games?

imagine what would happen if a third party developer had to gimp a game so that it would play equally on the wii.

funny how a nintendo interview that commenting on the competition becomes a 360 vs ps3 thread

ultimolu3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

....Who are you?

Seriously, your F.U.D is as thick as smoke on a hot day.

You mean to tell me that a console that has sold faster than it's nearest competitor, has some amazing games coming up this year, had amazing games coming out in 2008, overcame many obstacles, and the company who made the console is gradually reducing the production costs has these huuuuuuge mountains of challenges?

What are you, Sony's overlord?

SL1M DADDY3530d ago

But let's take a look here... Reggie, the Ninty COO says the PS3 has challenges and you then compare PSN to Xbox Live? Reaching? If you would have put "IMHO" after al the posts you made here, I would have not bothered but you seem to be a bit bias... to say the least.

popup3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I really don't care about any of yours or Sony/Microsoft/Nintendos mountains. I play games that require each of them but I don't have shares in any of these companies or suck their discs for breakfast or fwap all over my TV when the month sales figures come out.

It seems that being a successful company requires you to be a bullshitting, blood-sucking pirate nowadays anyway. So who on earth could cheer for such things seeing that you and I are the 'suckers' and 'blind idiots' that they are trying to enslave! How they must laugh at you!

mint royale3530d ago

the arrogance that you can accuse nintendo of is easily matched by that of Sony when they were enjoying their hugely successful period. Its just the way it seems to be and companies want to appear bullish. Its not as if they are ever going to praise the competitors to the hills is it?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3530d ago

If you Sony fans really need to ask which "mountains" then you really don't know much about your team. You should look at the weaknesses of your team, not just it's strengths. If you ignore those weaknesses they end up bitting us all in the ass. The Xbox RROD's I accepted it a long time ago and IMO I see most Xbox fans have accepted it. You Sony fans refuse to accept anything bad with the PS3 and write articles about it daily here on N4G. You guys always blame Microsoft for buying everything and refuse to accept the Wii as competition.

ultimolu3530d ago

And you Jason, praise Microsoft as your God and get all excited whenever there's a comparison thread between multiplatform games.

Nobody has ever denied that the PS3 had a rough start. Nobody is saying that Sony wasn't wrong for pricing the PS3 the way they did and exploiting it as just a bluray player. Nobody is saying that Sony is a God and should be revered as such.

While there are things that Sony has done wrong, there are things they have done RIGHT.

And yet 360 fanboys cannot accept that. They must nitpick the things Sony has done wrong to death, as if Microsoft and Nintendo never made mistakes.

Get over yourself.

N4g_null3530d ago

WOW the PS3 fanboys can out to get that PS3 owner LOL. Sorry about that Mooks these guys are pi$$ed. They use lots of selective trophies to make their company look good. That's not healthy.

I can add more to that list.

-Most PS3 program teams need a guy that does PS3 cell programming.
-Less texture cache for the video and even frame buffer.
-Lack of fans wanting any thing that is not a fanboy argument winning game.
-Fans that hype games just to see them sell the same as the xbox 360 version by small margins both ways.
-Gamers that call them selves hardcore but could not name one 2d fighting game coming out on their system.
-Gamers that claim to be traditional yet they only play games after the kids go to bed. When more than 60% of the PS2 fanbase was casual.
-PS3 owners even complain that most games are not even fun to watch.

Mini Mario3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

"The ps3 has challenges?....thats an understatement. The ps3 has obstacle's the size of mountains, would be a better statement."

So does the 360, ..hardware wise its well below sony and the wii (failure rate)..and u need hardware to play software...right?

"I highly doubt Nintendo will pose a threat to xbox live. First they need the content then 2nd they need great multiplayer games. They have neither as of yet."

Well they have plenty of quality on the system, that argument seriously has no merit these days.

aaronisbla3530d ago

Seriously, what the FVck are you rambling on about? if you are gonna hate sony, do so in coherent posts, not that gibberish you just spat out.

And please try not to pull facts out of your ass next time, it makes you sound like an ignorant person who just likes to be heard

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ChickeyCantor3530d ago

In the video he feels the pressure XD.
Just don't screw up E3 >_>

BeNice3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

last years e3 was total ass. I was up late cos i was on holidays in asia and the time difference kills.

tHE XBOX LIVE idea is all good but not too close i'd like nintendo's own take on it without complicaitng things. live is not my personal prefernce. Nintendo's needs to have an online that is more personal. Also more wiiware games support online multiplayer than retail games so that might be one to deal with too.

ChickeyCantor3530d ago

Their main problem is that their online function is crippled due "child protection". And the horrible part is that its covered for all typed of games even M rated games( games kids shouldn't be playing ).

They did admit it was not an efficient/great system, So i hope at least they improve on that.

Perjoss3530d ago

they got a long way to go

ChickeyCantor3530d ago

Remember now, they offered DLC for the SNES back then, I think they have the resources....but its their " philosophies " and way of doing things......damn them.

Microsoft Xbox 3603530d ago

What?! SNES had downloadable content back then?

gumgum993530d ago

yeah, it was called satellaview

so yeah, Nintendo beat MS to it by about 6 years(but only in Japan).

phosphor1123530d ago

Get rid of their online. I'm not saying that because XBL is that bad, im saying it because Nintendo's online is THAT BAD.

I'm serious, as long as they have friends codes, it will stay horrible. No one wants to deal with that sh*t.

Reggie + Miyamoto can go suck one until they decide to change their "IT PRINTS MONEY" mentality.

ChickeyCantor3530d ago

" Reggie + Miyamoto can go suck one until they decide to change their "IT PRINTS MONEY" mentality."

I'm amazed by this stupidity, seriously.
Every company wants money, it makes them STAND in the industry.
Its just stupid, from what i understand they would only be "hardcore" with their stuff if they made little to no money...HOW THE F DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?

You think sony and MS are happy with all the loss they made( especially MS?) They are butthurt over it, because its NOT good for them.

I wished Sony gave away their PS3 for free not wanting money, it would have saved me 500 euro's( o and euro's are higher in value compared to " DOLLARS ").

Don't be stupid.

Mini Mario3530d ago

"What?! SNES had downloadable content back then?"

Yes, seehow little u know with assumptions. Even the commodore 64 had psp file shairng. (me and my dad used to exchange games over the phone line).

The snes made extensions on great games such as F-zero, where it had 6 or so extra tracks. The only problem with the set up was that it was only on for certain hours of the week, and not 24 hours a day.

phosphor1123530d ago

Do you think I don't know that? The thing is, they have no losses what so ever. And they have to be making more on each Wii than what the PS2 now sells for (100 USD). They have the money to improve on things but they dont. I don't like MS, but hell, I give it to them that they are TRYING to make things better, even if it is costing them millions upon millions. PS3 is a 1 time pay, and everything else they give you is free, even when they are apparently still making losses on the PS3, but they keep handing out the new features and exclusive IPs.

Nintendo on the other hand? What have they offered? Wii Fit? Wii Music? Friend Codes? Are you serious? AT LEAST TRY! I can guarantee you that they aren't, because they are happy where they are financially and in business terms. Two friends of mine waited 8 hours in the freezing cold, 1 sold his, and with the other, if you ask him what your favorite thing about the Wii is, he says Homebrew. Sad.

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zenosaga043530d ago

Are you just making it up as you go along Mooks?

SL1M DADDY3530d ago

MoOks seems to be the epitome of an ignorant fanboy. Sorry, but there are too many holes in his rants thus far for me to believe he has anything constructive to say about Sony. If this was a Sony rep saying these types of things, we would have had a borage of comments saying how arrogant Sony was to even think such things...

Microsoft Xbox 3603530d ago

Don't even bother reading his crap. Look what claims:

"I have a ps3, so I know what is true and what isn't."

I stopped taking him seriously after that. I do believe the PS3 has mountain sized obstacles but not in the way he describes them. I can agree with him about the price issue but the rest is garbage fanboy talk. YLOD? Is he serious, it is no where near the rate of the RROD. He is trying to pass that off as bad as RROD. LOL. Nice try buddy.

solidjun53530d ago

The funny thing is that he's really serious about his so-called "facts".