Details on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories + screens

A lot of new Silent Hill details have come up and here is a breakdown of what is in store for Shattered Memories, plus new screenshots.

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skare133481d ago

at 1st, I was like I may get it. then I said maybe not, but now - I am going to get this game

joemayo763481d ago

even though i have my doubts of it being as good as the orginal even tho it has the added features.

kinda of topic***
Wow wuts up with Cybil and her unbuttoned shirt is she trying to seduce harry??

Product3481d ago

this game looks freaky and i love how everything changes due to the game watching your progress........creepy.

cyclindk3481d ago

@ Product

The way you said that, "the game watching your progress..." makes it sound freaky... now if only somebody would remake Eternal Darkness too I'll be set.

Product3481d ago

yea thats the part that is very interesting to me. I guess what you do at certain times will make the game change in environment and could be going down the street and if a shadow pops up and you stop instead of going forward the game will recognize what you did and react ....buildings change the screen will darken and everything will turn to ice like the snowflakes falling will turn to ice cubes .

The psychological part of the game i really want to get into.

There is a part in the game where there is a playground with swings but one of the swings looks static. If you take a picture of it with your phone, you'll get a phone answer the call and a little boy on the phone says" Daddy help me".

How much freakier can this game get lol.

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propheta3481d ago

Can't you see the harm being done here?

Anyone capable of adding 1 + 1 can see that the series has suffered enough with the last episodes. Now they're actually going to ruin the reputation of the first episode with these CSI-like crappy investigation and sexy police women business.

I think these developers ought to be punished for ruining the name of one of the best game series ever.

Product3481d ago

this isnt a csi game its a man who has lost his memories and hes trying to get a hold on who he is.

Its a psychological game.....besides after silent hill 2 was when the series did a downward spiral....this may rejuvenate the series.

G4drake3481d ago

the phone is an Iphone? is anyone thinking what i am thinking?