Microsoft Investigating Possible Xbox Live Fraud

Microsoft is investigating possible fraud on Xbox Live after gamers reported having their Xbox Live accounts hijacked and their credit cards used to buy Microsoft Points.

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f41c0n4322d ago

It turns out that after they looked into it, MS found out that they haven't been hacked.

Foulacy4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

well you're wrong because my account was hacked and $500 spent on my credit card. try being a halo2 pro with MLG. you will have your XBL accounts hacked more times than you can count on your hands.

personally, I couldn't be happier that microsoft is finally looking into this, it's been happening for years. this is indeed GREAT news.

Says you4321d ago

The internet that Microsoft upgraded.

PS3Wii4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

you pay $50 for xbox live and then get your credit card info stolen by hackers...nice!

PSN is looking better with every passing day plus its FREE.

silent ninja4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

are saying that u don't pay or use credit cards on PSN

SmokeyMcBear4321d ago

not if i don't want to, to buy a downloadable game you do, but not for demos and trailers.

Lyberator4321d ago

yeh major nelson already posted and said that these claims are bogus. At least MS stays in touch with their community. Hows phil Harrison by the way?

grifter0244321d ago

Foulacy I never would have thought youd be on this site... Crazy never really thought about you for a long time... Kinda sucks that str8 cut you huh.... Did Gunshot actually say that to Karma??? Whatever.. that would suck though stupid people... It kinda sucks that a lot of people out their really would do this... Kinda pathetic when you see that... so messed up ... Hey foulacy you still play maybe you can play customs with us.. Maybe be on our team for 07... If not send a friend request to this name at least for customs if you want...

Foulacy4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

str8 didnt cut me what are you talking about. and of course i still play! I'm on str8 rippin... I love this site, keeps me up to date on gaming news, been coming to it for a year or so now.

just to clear stuff up. the BUNGIE.NET hacked rumors are false. people's accounts are compromised DAILY and it has nothing to do with bungie.

The BS Police4321d ago

There is only one way your account can be stolen,a nd that is by giving out your Personal information.

If you do that your account is not hacked, but copied because of your stupidity!

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