IGN: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Eyes-on

Matt Casamassina: "All sorts of thoughts are racing through my head as I sit in a demo room at Konami's Manhattan Beach, California office is mid-March while waiting for company representatives to boot up the Wii action-horror game Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. I think, this title came out of nowhere -- a real surprise."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

My thoughts exactly.

I'd hate to have to buy a Wii after all the trash I talked about it but they're leaving me no choice. I love Silent Hill.

Bloodshedder3531d ago

plus they are gonna get Monster Hunter 3... but still fck the WII even if i get one

Megaton3531d ago

Well you're in luck, it's also coming to the PS2 and PSP.

ButterToast3531d ago

Can you imagine killing those things while you're freaking out with the wii mote. It will be epic!

looks like real survival horror is staying alive on the wii.

Silent hill
Fatal Frame 4

. . .

sh!t never mind I just read winter was canceled, Survival Horror is still dieing.

well here is an online petition to get winter back

animboo3530d ago

when it releases..hope this is better that 5 and will re invigorate the silent hill franchise..

Smacktard3530d ago

It's pretty immature to hate on a system, bros. That's kinda stupid.

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CaptainKratos3531d ago

HARRY MASON!!!!!!i will get this game but on the ps2.just feels

Razzy3530d ago

I may have to buy one last PS2 title.

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The story is too old to be commented.