Tenchu Z: Impersonation

In the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive "Tenchu Z", you can customize your ninja's appearance. Choose to change facial features, hairstyle, tattoos, head accessories, tunics, pants, arm accessories, footwear, weapon sheathes and more. As you complete more missions, more articles of clothing may become available for purchase.

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wildcat4814d ago

One of my fav. games on PS1 was Tenchu: Stealth Assasin. The story, settings, and slitting people's throats quietly from behind was just awesome.

Grown Folks Talk4814d ago

1 and 2. seems the more current versions don't really move with the times. they feel dated to me. i tried the japanese demo from the marketplace and it just didn't do it for me. maybe the final version will change my mind. i think 360 needs syphon filter as well.

wildcat4813d ago

they definitely do feel dated, it's hard sometimes to recapture a game made when we were kind of sort of new to 3D

consolewar4814d ago

yes, Tenchu Z looks like a good game for the Hall of Shame.

GrooveChampion4813d ago

I have to toss in my two cents. I'm a fan from way back, from the import Japanese PSX days. I love this series and I see it slipping away with every new release. Okay, from a purely graphics standpoint, the Japanese demo I played late last year was trash. I hope they have improved everything in some way shape or form. It's not so much that one thing or another is bad, it's like each model/texture/animation was lifted straight from a PS2 game and tossed in HD. I hope it's improved when it releases, I really do. I understand the demo is from TGS (I think), so that gives me hope.

Well, the gameplay is better than the graphics, but not by much. It's not a huge leap forward, it's more like a lateral move onto the 360. MP is nice and so is the draw distance, but it's only to let you see how crappy the AI is from a distance so you won't be surprised when you're up close. A weak and floundering experience, but hell, it's a new Tenchu so I'll probably still rent it at least. That being said...wall jumps are cool, and really for the first time in a Tenchu game Z allows you to feel much more nimble than the other games. It's a small consideration, but it's nice that they gave even that much.

Zhoutai4814d ago

All the more reasons for me to get a 360 =)