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xhi43482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Except the graphics, maybe it's just me, but especially the fire etc. don't really feel that realistic, same with the underwater water.

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PS360PCROCKS3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

"this IS running on Unreal Engine 3"

which IS running 3 of the best looking titles to date (mass effect, bioshock, gears)

Oh and number 1, the fire looks fine to me, same as the first. Also, watch the HD version, the underwater looks phenomonal, air bubbles and debris floating around. I thought the same when I watched it on my tv in SD before I saw the HD version here.

edit: I never said Gears, Mass Effect and Bioshock were the 3 best, just 3 OF the best. Uncharted, Resident evil 5, killzone 2 also would obviously be mentioned. Oh and MGS4 meh it looks really good, but I tried playing it and it's jaggy heaven. I never intended on finishing it as I don't particularly enjoy the franchise. But the jaggies on just about everything we're really annoying.

haha from 4 agrees and no disagrees to 7, oops PS fans have arrived,

NDN_Shadow3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

With a few UE 3 features. Dunno what BioShock 2 will be running.

Going back to BioShock 2, this games looks like it will be very divisive judging off some of the initial GameTrailers comments. Guess we'll just have to wait to see who's gonna be right and who's gonna be wrong.

RememberThe3573482d ago

The top three best looking console games are Gears 2, MGS4, and Killzone 2.

Anyway, I thought it looked amazing, better then Gears 2, even. I played the demo of the first and I really wasn't feeling it, but for people who enjoyed the first and are looking foreword to the sequel, I'm sure they feel very satisfied.

Bnet3433482d ago

Looks good. It seems a little bit faster so maybe there will be multiplayer this time?

Dragun6193482d ago

Man, that trailer was badass with the music in the background and then when he took out the drill and rammed into guy, like Epic,man. Damn, Can't wait to play as Big Daddy.

Also graphics look great and if you thought it didn't look great well I'm sure there gonna polish the game once they finished it up Since the release date is November 30, 2009 (gametrailers have claim). A lot of time to improve the games graphics even though they're already Great as it is, as shown in the trailer.

Panthers3482d ago

I would say that Uncharted looks better than all those games you mentioned, even KZ2. But yea, UE3 is not running any of the best looking games.

Uncharted, KZ2 and MGS4

ZuperAmazingCooKie3482d ago

I have no problem if the game has no graphical upgrades, but if there are no significant gameplay upgrades then what's the point? I love new storylines but any new game should have new gameplay additions.

LastDance3482d ago

Uncharted looks better than gears of war 2.

callahan093482d ago

You're getting a lot of disagrees there, PS360WiiRocks... Personally, I think you're right. The Unreal Engine 3 is a pretty good engine. Gears 2 looks good, Bioshock looks good, Mass Effect looks good. The only problem I have with the engine and those games is that there is a pretty fair amount of texture pop-in and slow-down in all three of those games, and basically every other game that pushes that engine to its limits. By the way, I played the 360 version of all three of those games (well, there is no other version of Gears 2, but you get the idea).

I think this video of Bioshock 2 looks great. The lighting is really nice and you're right about the underwater segment there, which looked really great.

I do think that you're wrong about Metal Gear Solid 4. I've played through that game numerous times and I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about with the jaggies. It's a gorgeous game with ridiculously detailed textures and graphics, large environments, and great animation. I didn't notice jaggies, pop-in, or slow-down in the game at any point, so for my money I'd call it the best engine out there for consoles at the moment. Killzone 2 has better lighting and it's probably the most impressive game visually that I've seen on a console, but it does suffer some slow-downs during segments of each level where it loads up the next segment. It isn't a big issue, but Metal Gear Solid 4 never hiccups.

Anyway, back to Bioshock 2... it's looking great, and the UE3 certainly still holds up and can produce a great looking game.

XLiveGamer3482d ago

Could this be GOTY ?

All i know its a 1st day buy.

Can't Wait for It !!!!!!

1ikedamaster3481d ago

Anyone having doubts about it being Bioshock 1.5, looks the same, etc. I encourage you to read Game Informer's Interview about the game. Very insightful & informative about the game. You will be sold. With that said, a must buy for me as well. Bought Bioshock CE day 1 and it was an experience like no other. I still have the Big Daddy that came with the Collector's Edition sitting right here at my desk(with drill tip broken off of course lol). CE included the soundtrack and bonus features DVD along with the "Big Daddy" figurine as well.

chaosatom3481d ago

But I guess I was expecting too much since it's unreal engine.

The gameplay does look solid, so that's good.

CommonSense3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I still can't figure out why people think killzone 2 is such a good looking game. it looks like crap. you can't tell what object's laying on the ground are just a few feet in front of you. all the character models look the same...fat. The stuff out in the distance is just a back drop...doesn't even move. Like the mushroom cloud in the later part of the game where you have to blow up the 4 towers.
the only thing that looks good about killzone is the gun in your hand. that's it. the fire looks bad, the electricity gun looks terrible. There are no bullet wounds on the guys when you shoot them.
the lighting is cheap and often puts a giant red circle in the center of your screen for "realism" but it's really just a way of tricking your eyes.

i could go on for a while about how killzone 2 is incredibly over rated and one of the most UNenjoyable experiences of this generation. but hey, i'm talking to a website dominated by ps3 fanboys, so it's not a battle i can win. but for the ppl who aren't slaves to ps3 and just like good games, we can see that killzone is junk.

as for MGS4. yes, it looks great. but it's not cuz of the graphics. it's the presentation and their attention to detail. the graphics are average for this generation. but it's the the way the camera moves in the in-game cut scenes, all the explosions and battles going on all around you, the little puffs a smoke when bullets hit the ground right next to you. it truly is one of the best games of this generation simply because of the amazing presentation. if you gave that game's engine to another developer, the game would likely look like crap.

People are so easily tricked into thinking a game has good graphics because that's what they want to see. when you get past your bias, however, it's plain as day.

Some of the best looking games of this generation are Farcry 2, Assassin's Creed, and Gears of War 2. but all these games have flaws (and it doesn't mean they are great games), and when you compare them to PC games, even the highest end games of this generation look VERY dated. and i think the most impressive looking console game this generation is MGS4, but that is not saying i think it has the best graphics. it's the overall presentation of the game that makes it so nice.

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Sonyslave33482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

look awesome.

lol i forgot i can't say a game look awesome if it not ps3 exclusive.

Montreafart3482d ago

How does it feel stupid bots? To know that 99% of all games on the 360 are multi platform titles.

How does it feel to lose another "exclusive" title. ALL YOUR GAMES ARE BELONG TO US!


NewZealander3482d ago

how does it feel to lose an exclusive? i dont actually care.

bioshock is an awesome game and i always thought it should be multi plat so everyone has the chance to experience it, maybe you are bitter over loseing final fantasy, virtua fighter, devil may cry and the list goes on....

grow up kid theres more to life then games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3481d ago

Hey Shaka2K6 you should do some research, head over there ---> to the search bar and type Bioshock 360 and PS3 comparison. I'll save you the work... you lose.

commodore643481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

yeah, Jason.

In the face of overwhelming evidence, it is astounding that so many ps3 fans disagree with cold hard facts.

I suppose, for a ps3 fan, it is difficult to acknowledge that ps3 multiplats just don't cut the mustard, when one has paid twice as much for said ps3.

For all those who doubt this, don't fret. Instead, get edu-ma-cated:
"What matters is that the brilliantly realised city of Rapture is diminished on PS3 - first of all with a reduction in resolution - a drop from 720p to 680p, and secondly by the inclusion of an utterly useless, detail-destroying blur effect that kills fine detail. Yup, the dreaded Vaseline effect is back, once again lowering picture quality for PS3 owners with absolutely zero benefit whatsoever."

It's pretty clear.

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Fencefry3482d ago

Swimming? Cool :) Looks like dual wielding is gonna be great too.

GiantEnemyCrab3482d ago

Yes it does look good. The graphics do look better to me but it still has more months of polish to go. I plan on definitely picking this one up because I loved the first.

joydestroy3481d ago

i couldn't get past the first 20min of the first game. it just didn't sit well with me.

the second one, however, looks a lot better. the sounds, gameplay, effects, and powers all look tons better. and this is just a preview.
day1 for me.

Cheeseknight283481d ago

Really? You didn't like the original but this one has you sold... because it looks better?

That's pathetic. I would never buy a game solely because I liked the graphics more than it's predecessor.

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Sonyslave33482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

lol that why the ps3 version need a update just to match the 360 version lol

- Ghost of Sparta -3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

You mean, why does the PS3 version need an update to look like crap AKA the 360 version? BioShock is just an Unreal Engine 3 game and when they updated the game on PS3 it didn't just match the 360 version, it surpassed it.

DelbertGrady3482d ago

Seriously, get over it. Your level of denial scares me.

From Eurogamer: "What matters is that the brilliantly realised city of Rapture is diminished on PS3 - first of all with a reduction in resolution - a drop from 720p to 680p, and secondly by the inclusion of an utterly useless, detail-destroying blur effect that kills fine detail. Yup, the dreaded Vaseline effect is back, once again lowering picture quality for PS3 owners with absolutely zero benefit whatsoever."

"In the like-for-like sections captured for this feature, the PS3 version was far more prone to dropping down to 20fps at any given moment, even on the undersea voyage intro sequence, whereas the 360 game does a pretty good job of staying at the requisite 30 frames per second."

"11-minute, 5GB mandatory install"

If you like multiplat games you are playing on the wrong console.

II Necroplasm II3482d ago

I wonder which console platform bioshock 2 will be lead on

ape0073482d ago

I agree with you,360 got better multiplats


gta 4(ps3 version is nearly crippled,trust me)

lost planet

and xbox live is the best online service

devs need to build mp games on ps3

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fanboi hater3482d ago

why oh why must there be some many good games coming out at the end of this year there is only so much time and so much money in my pocket. lol

On topic this looks awesome a definite buy if the first game is any indication. The new ability to shoot and wield plasmids looks really cool too. Overall looks to be a great addition to the franchise and I can't wait to return to rapture.

A last note - as far as graphics goes firstly I'm glad they stuck to the same art style with no alterations, however i was expecting maybe a little bit more of an upgrade. Yet the first game looked amazing so it's not really a problem. Just not quite the next step forward in graphics but it does look good. imo

But what do the rest of you think about the graphics??

GVON3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Still a good 4-5 months left but from that I think it looks ok but no better.

I'll get some disagrees for this,and it's just graphics I'm looking at not "teh gameplay" because that should be decent.

The one thing that really stood out is how bad the animation is,
(here goes) After KZ2 (:D) I look at all these games and the animation looks like a Ps2 game,It's like when goldeneye came out then going back on Doom 64 I was like "hell no".
In my eyes KZ2 has become the standard in console (even pc) fps animation,and now everyone has to match it or I'm left looking at it thinking animation sucks.

I really like the water,it's just a load of slow moving particles but it looks kind of dreamy,and I do really like that.

vickers5003481d ago

Well you don't really notice the death animation of an enemy when you're battling like 5 others at a time, so animation ingame while you are in a battle, isn't that important to me. I thought the helgahst animations were good, but they never really stood out to me and made me go "wow".

I don't know, maybe I'm just one of the few who doesn't care about over complex physics (that you don't really notice) that don't really make that much of a difference when it comes to enemy death in video games. I mean how many ways can you be entertained by watching someone fall down? It's really not all that exciting, to me at least.