GameStop Sells Played Games As New, Sources Say, Practice Could Be Illegal

Kotaku writes: "The alleged practice of GameStop lending new copies of games to employees at their stores and then later selling those games as new, unused copies, may be a violation of federal law.

GameStop's "check-out" policy, confirmed to Kotaku by a number of the chain's managers and employees, could fall under scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission."

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swiftshot933480d ago

I will always buy the wrapped copy.

I felt cheated when I bought a "brand new" copy of Uncharted from them. It doesnt feel right unless its wrapped. This is why I bought RE5 from Walmart -_-

Bnet3433479d ago

I know what you mean. Once I bought skate 1 brand new at Gamestop that it wasn't in the shrinkwrap I stopped shopping there. Please everyone, do not buy from Gamestop. They suck. Shop online at Amazon or Buy. They have great deals, for example Mirror's Edge was $20 today at Amazon, Gamestop isn't that nice.

Nathaniel_Drake3479d ago

Same thing happened to me with Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube, they had the display box and it said new, but the game was among other many games in drawer in a sleeve, I don't know if they actually played to game or not, but from then on I stopped buying from there, only used games, Best Buy or Amazon get my money for new games

Bonsai12143479d ago

yeah, i saw them put the game i bought in the case from a sleeve when it was supposed to be new.. i was like wtf. i never buy games from there. especially when they sell used games for above their retail price. like capcom vs snk 2.

Megaton3479d ago

I can't believe people actually buy opened games as new, but then again they're already shopping at GameStop, so something's gotta be wrong upstairs to begin with. I would never pay new prices for something that isn't even shrink wrapped. I buy online, but if I must have something right now, I'll go to Target or Blockbuster.

Blaze9293479d ago

they tried to pull this crap on me a couple years back (at which i completely stopped shopping at EB/Gamestop). I was about to buy a game and he came out form the back with a open game and put a lil sticker over it. I'm like, is that used? He said no. I'm like, then why is it open. Could not give a reason. I mean it was only a $5 difference, no biggie, but the fact that they are doing it was just wrong and said nvm, ill buy it elsewhere.

GWAVE3479d ago

This is 100% true. I was a Gamestop asst. store manager in MI for a year a while back.

Don't blame the individual stores. This is actually a lazy policy handed down by the district managers and above. Instead of sending us case art for each game that would cost pennies, they want us to gut copies of new games (often 2-4 copies of new games to put multiple facings on the shelf), and as a customer you're simply expected to take it as "business as usual".

Like I said: don't blame the individual employees at the store. This policy (like many of Gamestop's policies) are born out of the corner-cutting attitude of the higher-ups who work at Gamestop.

jkoz3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

All this whining is ridiculous.

"And so I walked out of the store."


Okay, good for you. I hope you feel righteous and all warm and fuzzy inside, because it really isn't a big deal to anyone in that situation except you. To those that say the discs are scratched, I highly doubt that, if they've been gutted. If someone was irresponsible during an employee borrowing, then that game should not have been relisted as new, as it is not anymore. The simple fact of the matter is: do you see discs in the used games. No? I wonder why. Probably so people don't go and steal the discs from the cases. Look at the new games on the shelf. Are there discs in them? NO! Why? THE SAME REASON! Yes, employees can take the games home to try out, but more often than not, every single brand new release that comes out is not going to be taken home by an employee. This is an anti-theft measure. Do you go to Target or Wal-Mart and play around with the new copies of games? No. You have to get someone to open a sealed and locked case to prevent theft. When the store runs out of copies, they have the "gutted" copies to sell. If it REALLY bothers you, then ask for a discount of some sort. I've seen it happen, and had it happen, and they allow it. It's no big deal to them and it shouldn't be to you either.

"Trying to retain a high resell value"? Fingerprints? If you're extremely bothered by fingerprints on a case that has been out on the shelf for a week, then yes, please go elsewhere. Though there is this great thing called "cleaning" that actually allows you to remove any fingerprints from plastic game cases, and well, a lot of other things. You make it sound like these game cases have been dipped in sh!t and vomited on and then you're expected to take them as new. I understand if the case is to an unpopular game and it's been on the shelf for a year, but most of the time when this situation occurs, it's because a new and popular title came out and it's selling out of all its copies.

What I'm trying to say is.... get over yourselves. If you feel that you've been wronged by Gamestop, then go buy your games elsewhere. You haven't been done any injustice by the company that's selling you your video games. The price is the same. You can choose to go and buy your games wherever you want. But PLEASE, don't read an article like this and decide to comment all revolted and taken aback by these "horrors" that are unsealed games. I guarantee the first thing you're going to do with that game is... unseal it yourself. So if that's really important to you, then by all means, that's your personal decision. But don't act all offended, because it's really not a big deal to the rest of the world.

Chris3993479d ago

And I only purchase games on the date of their release from Gamestop (EB Games here in Canada). If the game has been out for a while, chances are it may have been "sleeved". If I'm paying full price for something, I don't want it to have been touched by someone else's hands - as silly as that might sound :)

The EB I frequent though have decent staff that have allowed me to return games before if they've been total crap - Dynasty Warriors 5, Onechanbara. And they're always giving me discounts and sales, so I can't really complain. I understand that the service through the chain as a whole is not consistent, and that my experience is just mine and not the same as everyone else.

SaiyanFury3479d ago

Far too many times I've been presented a copy of a "new" game that was sold to me as the last copy on the shelf. I've since stayed away from this and turned Gamestop down whenever they try to sell me an opened copy of a "new" game. The latest attempt was when I wanted to buy Star Ocean 2 for the PSP. The only copy they had was a "display" model. I refused the purchase and went on to buy the game sealed at the local Best Buy down the road. The definition of a "new" game is a sealed copy that has not been unsealed. If a game is unsealed, then it is not new. Now it's brought to my attention that GS allows employees to take opened items home to play, that just makes it irrefutable. Those games that have been opened and played by GS employees are not new. Those are, in fact, used by definition. I thank the author of this article for bringing this to my attention. I will NEVER buy another copy of a game that is unsealed.

pippoppow3479d ago

You must love Gamestop or at least their practices. They should charge unwrapped games as used. There are used games that look new so should those be charges as new as well? No. Policies like this shouldn't be tolerated but unfortunately rabid gamers who really want a game will buy games unwrapped because they have no will power.

tplarkin73479d ago

It's real simple: the display of games is not my problem, it's Gamestop's problem. For $60, I expect a wrapped product that has never been opened.

This truly does hurt sales. Gamestop needs to fix this, for their sake.

IdleLeeSiuLung3479d ago

"And I only purchase games on the date of their release from Gamestop (EB Games here in Canada). If the game has been out for a while, chances are it may have been "sleeved"."


What is a "sleeved" game? Somehow a resealed copy?

f7897903479d ago

Killzone 2 is only $52.99 with free shipping. Plus if your not in the state its shipping from you do not have to pay sales tax. If I had bought it at a store it would have cost me ~$63 with tax.

IdleLeeSiuLung3479d ago

The only items I purchase at GameStop are new games that are hard to find (yet I'm more likely to find it online anyhow) and special editions only sold by GS. Everything is bought online, at Walmart/Target stores.

Lifendz3479d ago

I never believed an unwrapped game was new. Now it appears I was at least justified in feeling that way. Shady practices by a company that is becoming less favored in the eyes of gamers everyday.


sucked the thought right out of mybrain.

+++ walmart breaks street dates. <<..>>..*shhhhhhhh *

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swiftshot933480d ago

is always at the right place at the right time...

crapstop indeed.

RememberThe3573479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

That is until they start to get more like GameStop, then I'll just have to go somewhere else.

Cyrus3653480d ago

Yeah one time i bought a game (That was gift) that wasn't shrinked wrap, and they said it was new, and he went to put the CD in the case, and I was like forget that...

AppleSlime3479d ago

Buy from a different store if you can. Gamestop's only real advantage is that they sell used games. You can pick up just about any new release at number of stores in your area. I bought fallout 3 at 7/11! The guy working the counter probably knew more about the game than your average GS staffer, too.

meatnormous3479d ago

Happened to me also. Took the case up to the desk, the guy then looked in a shelf. Pulled the game out of a paper protector and placed it in the case. I said I thought it was new. He said it is. The case had price stickers on it and the disc had a small scratch on it as well. Told him never mind and he acted pissy. New means shrink wrapped with no scratches.

Max Power3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

that happened to me also, almost verbatim. They did that to my cousin as well and I almost got into a fist fight with the guy trying to explain to him the meaning of "new" and what is to be expected from said ite. Not the opened copy where the disc could be scratched and the booklet is all effed up from all the people thumbing through it.

Willio3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

But now I rip them off with "buy 2 get 1 free" specials and "renting" used games. Return the 2 games and get a free game to keep.

Jill Valentine said, "Now that is a twist!"

LeGenDx3479d ago

but they put in a policy so i cant anymore, i got lbp, r2, uncharted for free

Willio3479d ago

Gamestop is retarded, so are their employees. If you go to another Gamestop location, it may work. For example, i saw Mirrors Edge being sold used for $45 at one location but $35 at another location before gamesday. They dont communicate with each other.

N2NOther3479d ago

If you pulled that then you got over on one dumb employee. The Gamestops I've worked at (4 in total) all made sure that the customer returned all 3 games.

I worked there and I signed out games all the time. And yes, I think it's BS that we sold those games as new, but then again, I never actually did because I have this weird thing called "ethics". I also refused to sell any of the reserved copies of games. I'm a dreamer I guess.

cappakrako3479d ago

you think that's bad the local gamestop in my area had Suikoden IV used for $35. their price at is $9.99

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003480d ago

from them when they started selling used game 5$ less then new ones.

Highatus3479d ago

B-b-but you can get an additional 5 dollars off if you sign up for the club! What a crock of Sh!t. Gamestop is a joke and a scam, I'll never buy from there. Not to mention it seems the only way you can actually purchase a 'factory sealed new game' is if you pre-order it.

Nathaniel_Drake3479d ago

@5 I know!!! What's that about?!?!

JHUX3479d ago

haha, "lets see this game here is worth about 15 dollars" 5seconds later its priced as 55 dollars :(