GameSpy: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Review

GameSpy writes: "Relic's Dawn of War II was a big departure from what fans of the original game expected. Rather than just make a bigger game with better graphics, the development team decided to go in a completely different direction with successful -- albeit controversial -- results. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor clearly demonstrates that the company's bug to "reinvent" signature franchises isn't restricted to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The latest standalone expansion for Relic's Company of Heroes is as radical a departure, turning Relic's amazing World War II RTS into a completely different action-oriented animal. Unfortunately, the results weren't nearly as successful as in the previous re-do of Dawn of War."

+Fun multiplayer modes
+Enjoyable replacement units
+Interesting mini-campaigns

-New units replace old units
-Doesn't significantly expand strategic options

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