GameSpy: Dead Space Extraction Hands-on Impressions

Dismembered limbs are flying, blood is spattering, and monsters are making faces that should accompany scary shrieks. Unfortunately I hear nothing, thanks to the booming generic techno in the room. Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on Dead Space Extraction, tells those watching the demo of his game that he wanted to set out to do what the Wii is actually good at. In his mind the Wii is great for games that focus you on pointing and shooting. GameSpy agrees wholeheartedly, as some of my most enjoyable times with my Wii have been with other light gun titles, which are often fun, short experiences great for sharing with friends.

* Drop-in, drop-out multiplayer rocks faces

* Hopefully an on-rails experience can be entertaining for as long as they're saying it'll last

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