Ninja Blade Review from X-Play

Morgan Webb from X-Play reviews Ninja Blade for the Xbox 360.

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rbluetank3482d ago

i do not believe she has even played this game. i check out this game on other site and rented it and it is Not as good as she says... FYI (Morgan Web) her new hair style makes her look like the bride of frankstein!!! lol she not a bad looking women but the hair style is bad!!! her is the way i like to see her below

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4Sh0w3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

so I brought the game and its much better than some reviews gave it credit, its no 10 but easily worth a 8.5, I haven't experience any camera issues either, I'm having alot of fun with it, the QTE's are really well done but the stunts this guy pulls off are just insane even for a Ninja, like she said the game is fun, the bosses so far could use a bit more variety I killed that worm boss like 3 times already, I hope the its dead for good this time, now I'm fighting a giant crab, lol whats with Japanese and their fascination with giant crabs? The weapons upgrading is cool and theres some funny custimization, its actually a really good game, if you dont mind QTE's.

meatnormous3482d ago

A giant enemy crab in this game? irony

Montrealien3482d ago

Yep, there is a giant enemy everything in this game, good thing it ain't historical game. ;D

I am enjoying this game, it's what I like to call a good game, and I like to play good games.

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chrisnick3482d ago

fanboyism confirmed. i played it. wasn't bad but definitely not an 8 out of 10

GameGambits3482d ago

Adam Sessler once commented that the 1-5 star review score they do does not equate double its worth. So a game that's 4/5 does NOT mean it's a 8/10 to them if they had that 1-10 scale.

You should also know like you said Morgan Webb if at anything is a casual gamer. I'd go so far as to say she's not even that. It's why her opinion on any game not put on a Wii is null and void.

Also X-Play as a staff has weird game tastes. I mean 2008 GOTY went to Fable 2 which the rest of the world knows was not the best of what 2008 had to offer. Metal Gear Solid 4, Fallout 3, and Little Big Planet are all way better games in 2008 worthy of GOTY titles over Fable 2.

Montrealien3482d ago

I love how the the first step of having an interweb e-peen is to completely forget that other people may have have a different opinion then you and expect everyone to have some for of conscientious.

People that comment on sites who don't accept that one site thinks that to them, a certain game is of the year, Or that a certain person thinks this game is an 8/10 is just plain wrong are like bees, they think in a hive.And to these simple creatures, if you don't think like the hive, you are wrong!

so , buzzz buzzzz buz buzz, buzzz buzzz buzz buzz.

lelik3482d ago


phosphor1123482d ago

The reasons why this game wasn't "one for the ages" (according to her) is load times and unoriginality...lmao.

That game is DMC, Heavenly Sword and God of War smashed into one big melting pot with a turd floating around in it as well.

treereet3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I found it completely different from god of war besides some of the bosses being blatant rip offs (the kraken, the colossus) and the fact that it has GTEs (although they are done much differently)

Everything else was like a mix of Ninja Gaiden (setting, characters, basic combat layout, enemy spawns, camera) and Otogi (over the topness and general feel)

I wouldn't say its a horrible game but it doesn't hold a candle to any of those three.

Mr Marbles3482d ago

you dont judge the game by what it rips off, or by the fact that its not as great as God of War or Ninja Gaiden, then you will find it quite entertaining.

Saints Row was a GTA rip off but it turned out to be a great game all on its own. Judge the game on only what it is, not what you think it wants to be. If you do that you'll find its absolutely insane over the top, and obviously on purpose super-ninja personality is quite hilarious.

Its just a game people, I don't think its trying to be better than GOW or NG, so relax, its not that serious, clearly this game was about hyperbole, and it ends up being quite fun.

Mr Marbles3482d ago

game, I got it from gamefly, the reviews are way off,(minus this one) I see a trend of rating 360 exclusive games lower than they should be, Im not sure what thats all about, but it only hurts the game sites in the end.Instead of checking them for reviews, I just read customer reviews and user reviews on gamefly, far more accurate. The gaming media has too much baggage, they have all kinds of agendas, from beefs with the developers, to beefs with Microsoft, to just plain nostalgic fanboys for the other system.

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