IGN: DSi vs. iPhone Grudge Match

Now that the two handhelds are viable alternatives to the other, it's time to debate the merits and shortcomings of each. Like their previous PSP vs. iPhone Grudge Match, this is not a battle over polygons and framerate. IGN will measure these devices by features that actually mean something, such as the ease of getting content and the quality of the content itself.

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live2play5040d ago

i will always pick nintendo as long as they are the only ones coming out with mario zelda samus mario kart kirby all their mascots i dont know what it is but i cant get away from them ever since the snes came out(thats when i started) my love for nintendo is there... whatever it is if it has mario yoshis or kirbys face etc i will get it i always look forward to the next mario kart and such i love NINTENDO

dericb115040d ago

LOL. STFU IGN LOL. To be really honest all this is a war of causal gamers. DSi does have a big advantage. Japanese people don't care for the Iphone and the like to buy multiple handhelds. That and the thousands of titles make the DSi a common sense decision.


DSi-$169 w/o Monthly Bill

I am not a Nintendo fan but if I was forced to pick then the DSi with all the game and not monthly bill or dealing with Itunes is a better idea.

fezthabest5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

For me the iPod Touch, I don't know for some reason I think the iPod is a step up mature wise. I mean the games for both are casual with DSi having more hardcore games. The DSi is a gimmick for me, just like the Wii

I'm typing this from my iPod Touch :) I'm not sure can the DSi do this????

EDIT: well I guess between a DS and a iDevice I'm looking for a versatile device which is for sure the iPod Touch/Phone. And for hardcore games I go with the PSP.