Bethesda Game Studios Takes It To The Next Level

Hiphopgamer got a chance to go one on one with Pete Hines in which they discussed a first person shooter with limitless customization. The discussion led to a belief of you being able to change your characters appear, weapons, and the environments altogether

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is nothing like Oblivion and free of game-ending bugs a-la fallout3 then usher in this next level with haste.I like some of Bethesda's work,some of it not so much.Give us something unique and return to greatness Bethesda.=)

Insanium3477d ago

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Why would you get diagrees for not going to the site,im not sure i understand.Is there something i should know here?

GameGambits3477d ago

Naw sorry hiphoptard I don't believe for a second you got a one on one other than with your cousin Jamal about that new joint dropped by Fiddy Cent.

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