Call of Duty: World at War patch 1.4 arrives, includes free map pack

Treyarch's new PC patch for Call of Duty: World of War is now live. The update brings fixes and tweaks to multiplayer and includes Map Pack 1 for free.

The pack includes three regular multiplayer maps and a new Nazi Zombies map.

The DLC was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 last month at the cost of $10, and was downloaded by over 1 million players in the first week.

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Epill3479d ago

Why do people with the PS3 & Xbox360 version of the game have to pay $10 4 the map pack? While PC users get it free with an update.

yukmouf3479d ago

good question, im also wondering why.

Close_Second3479d ago

...that you also pay more for the (inferior) console versions of the game also.

dragunrising3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The only reason paid DLC isn't widespread in PC gaming is for lack of payment infrastructure. Most PC gamers don't and won't register their games or use a 3rd party payment site like Paypal. Piracy is obviously a big reason as well. All someone needs to do is isolate the code for the DLC and find a means to integrate it. (Also for the record, PC gamers will claim they don't need DLC as they say: "I haz modz" but as soon as DLC is exclusive to consoles (hypothetical future), they will throw a fit like a two year old child.) Steam and Windows Live could possibly make it work; Steam already makes you register with your payment info. The more people use Steam and digital distribution the faster PC gamers will feel the burn of DLC.

Stories like these aren't going to disappear sadly. In the future I hope my money isn't paying for freeloading PC gamers that think the world owes them something. Its my hope that PC gamers are soon excluded from paid DLC. Pay or don't pay or don't make it available for them. I hope people make a bigger deal about this disparity . Its not fair. We pay $10 more for our new games, the prices drop more slowly, and we pay for DLC at $10 a pop. PC gamers are treated like preferred customers in this regard. BS I say. Make some noise and otherwise don't buy the DLC for WaW if you haven't already.

Edit: Instead of the console wars, why not make it into the PC vs consoles wars?

Tarasque3479d ago

Man you are awesome you know my exact computer spec's is what you are saying. My COD WAW runs and looks better on my 360 than my crappy PC. Not everyone has a high end gaming machine just remember that.

Str8laced3479d ago

I don't understand how you have that many bubbles.....

AAACE53479d ago

They are trying to keep people playing these games on the PC. Giving them extra incentive to play on PC, and buy the actual game.

It's no secret PC game sales have taken a hit due to piracy. This is just their way of rewarding people for 'doing the right thing'... so to speak!

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evrfighter3479d ago

because pc fps gamers are of a different breed. More so than console gamers who squeal in delight whenever a company tells them they have to pay for extra content.

speak with your wallets for once and then they'll take you seriously.

Tarasque3479d ago

You are exactly right, Console and PC gamers are different breed's. Console gamers support the dev's while buying products from them while Pc gamers just like to steal from dev's and download pirated copies of software and cry and whine and throw a fit when it doesn't work right or gets patched. Speak with your wallet for once and then i will take you comment's seriously.

PainisCupcake3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Valve has given tons content away free for TF2 and L4D on PC they never intended to have people pay. Not every PC gamer steals as you put it and there has never been a mass hissy fit either, PC extras have always been free so we come to expect that it will stay that way.

peeps3479d ago

kick in the face to the guys that bought the maps not long ago tbh but ah well, it was obvious they would become free eventually but surprised it's so soon!

Apocwhen3479d ago

I really wish they weren't charging $10 for the DLC on Consoles. $5 would have been a much more respectable price. Just add the figures up, $10 x 1 million is $10m they just made from this.

There is no way hell the maps cost that much to develop. The game has only been out about 5 months. And game developers / graphic designers wages sure aint that high. They probably made their entire production cost of the game off the map pack content alone.

And if there's 1million mappacks downloaded then that means there's 1 million copies of the game at $60 sold too. I guess $60 million just isn't enough to offer some map packs at a reasonable price.

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