Developers Don't Need to Grow Up. Journalists Just Need to Shut Up

darkwhitehair writes a very interesting editorial on Negative Gamer as a part response to "CHAPLIN-GATE 09":

"These "journalists" don't care whether you make Citizen Kane: The Game or whether you make Madden 10 because they will give the same amount of attention to both. But the fans will still be here, we will buy your immature adolescent video game, as long as it is fun to play."

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solideagle13483d ago

jaffe. i like his style.

make a PS3 exclusive like God Of War and you r good to go.


SL1M DADDY3483d ago


Could not have said it better.

dalibor3483d ago

If you go on youtube you can check out his page. His username is spidey999. Whenever I go on youtube I check out his page here & there, I like doing that, don't know why lol. Wonder if Kojima has a youtube account lol.

ThanatosDMC3482d ago

I disagree with the quote since without stupid journalism... N4G wont be as entertaining. High fives?

Gun_Senshi3483d ago

Journalists nowdays SUCK

Dawn_Of_Ashes3483d ago

I hope hiphoplamer will listen to jaffe !

Skynetone3483d ago

except some Journalist p++++d him off

Journalists are part of the industry, aswell as music/films/shows/restaurants/ etc

have Journalists really changed over the years in relation to gaming,

Chubear3482d ago

if you've been gaming for atleast more that 5years you can see the obvious difference.

II Necroplasm II3483d ago

haha owned. screw the media all together!

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The story is too old to be commented.