Games with the Best DLC

This generation brought upon the advent of DLC. Only a select few titles had done DLC right so far, however.

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Bnet3433480d ago

Here's the list if you do not feel like clicking the link:

Burnout Paradise
Grand Theft Auto IV
Little Big Planet
Rock Band 1 & 2

I knew I would see Burnout Paradise on the list. I'm surprised Fallout 3 wasn't listed. Everyone loves Op. Anchorage and The Pitt.

thebudgetgamer3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

those expansion packs were huge, and only 15$ when you buy all 3.


Slinger4203480d ago

Treyarch has easliy released the best DLC with the Zombie Map Pack. Many will disagree due to the fact that Treyarch is the developer behind it but I'm not a hater and they did a fantastic job.