Fudzilla: Gainward GTX 275 896MB beats the HD 4890 1GB

Fudzilla: "Our today's guest is Geforce GTX 275, the card announced on the same day as AMD's Radeon HD 4890. These two cards promise to be fierce competitors, and if you're planning on splashing out about €220 to buy a graphics card for gaming, any of these two will surely do you good.

While HD 4890 is currently AMD's best single-GPU card, GTX 275 found its place between the GTX 260 and Nvidia's fastest single-GPU card – the GTX 285. GTX 275's GPU is made in 55nm, has 240 shader processors, uses 448-bit memory interface, and comes with 896MB of GDDR3 memory."

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i used to do it.

good thing there are much better games on consoles.

i still have half life 2, san andreas, crysis on pc....though those dont get that much attention from me anymore.

at least they can [email protected] with all that power

Agent VX3480d ago

You don't have to spend 2 grand on a PC, but I guess if you want to be bleeding edge!!!

I have Company of Hero's, World in Conflict, Civ 4, Medieval 2, Empire: Total War, Crysis, Halflife 2, Farcry, IL2 1946 and Korsun Pocket all loaded on my PC.

Anytime I want to feel good about my PC graphics wise, I go turn on Gears for the 360 and Killzone for the PS3, then I go and crank up Crysis and realize that my PC is much better machine graphically than any one of my consoles.


2 top of the line video cards alone are about 800.

throw in a good overclockable board and the rest of the components and liquid cooling and what do you have?

i was being conservative with my figures.

What if i wanted to build a uber pc? the top of the line core7 is what, 1 g?

LOL. u fail.repeatedly, no wonder youre down to 2 bubbles. its because of your brilliant posts with no facts.

SafeRat3480d ago

You don't need to spend 2 grand on a PC to play those games. The difference between the i7 920 and 965 is negligible when playing games, though there's a huge difference in price. You can get 6GB of DDR3 RAM for around 80 quid now, and a single Geforce GTX275 is more than enough to play any of the games at any resolution, bar perhaps 2560 - But then who really plays at that res anyway.


hmmm, last time i built a computer with all the bells and whistles i spent ovr 4 k. the computer played crysis fine. crysis got boring. pc became a htpc.

you cant play crysis at 1080p on weak hardware..... well maybe on a 13 inch screen LOL. Hell no, on anything above, not without low fps anyway. given that, i guess your point is:

you would rather play at 1024x768? lol

You guys just threw the whole pc is better argument out the window.
Y even play on the pc if you are not going to take advantage of the little details?

Have you guys even seen a 103 inch set? LOL shall i post pictures?

my point:
What you have no idea about is ALSO of no use to you.
but that doesnt mean your standards are the MINIMUM requirements for others. get it? ;)

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Hands3480d ago

To EXCLUSIVEGAMER - Though you do try to tell people your point you need to make it more clear without being a smart ass. If you truly intend on having people get you then make it so they want to get you.

That being said...I'm 20 years old. Literally I have had to pay for anything that I truly want. That means if I wanted a pc I alone had to buy it. What do you do in that situation, 15 years old and cant get a job. So I decided instead of waiting for someone else to hand me money (ahem christmas, birthdays don't count) so I could afford a pc I decided to try and build a pc myself. I knew it would be MUCH cheaper, of higher quality, and I would learn something as well. My first pc was almost top of the line and would play any game at max settings. Grand total of the pc (including keyboard, mouse, monitor, mouse pad, cables, and cooling devices) was almost $1200. 5 years and 6-9 pc builds later, I can honestly say you can build a complete computer TOWER (which means you'll reuse your older mice, etc) for under $800. Yes it will play the latest games at the best settings. If you want to debate then I will be happy to send you invoices from previous pc builds.

Now you may say "but its not going to be very good, its only got 300 gigs of space and 2 gigs memory and i cant turn it into a robot in the future". That's fine, but didn't YOU build it and decide what YOU wanted to be in there so therefore its YOUR fault the pc was the way it was. People saying you can't build a good gaming pc for under $1000 are just uninformed. Now if your pc games, edits picture/video/sound, computes protein strands for [email protected], or has CAD programs then you should expect to pay a high price. People seem to take the internet as a joke it seems. When in reality we've had the internet since I was born. Isn't about time to stop being immature about something we use and rely on everyday? It seems in life the successful and intelligent stay away from their opposites. The internet is our escape from reality. How about we try and escape the stupidity our real lives have become and use the internet as a rebound to more a more positive outcome eh?