The needs and wants of Killzone 2 multiplayer

A.P. Stephens of writes:

"At the moment, gamers are logging into the PSN and playing the Killzone 2 multiplayer. While the majority of this feature of the game are solid, there are some items that gamers both want and need.
So what are some of these wants and needs?"

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DragonWarrior_43482d ago

game invites, party system,, I guess all that I want is a revamped xmb. Then I can play Valkyria Chronicles and talk to my friends at the same time. Yay.

sofresh2003482d ago

What I want is for people to stop complaining about this game and be quiet already. It's been out for over a month and I'm sure GG has heard every complaint that there is. If they want or can add/fix something then they will, if you don't like Killzone 2 then go play some other shooter.

mxdan3482d ago

Christ, what is with the media and wanting more and more out of this game... Halo didn't get this negative sh*t.

villevalorox3482d ago

ill take.

.party (like cod party)
.game invites (like re5 via xmb)
.more variety of weapons in some classes.
.game preview before you join, see who is in it and all the specs
.more maps
.make it where only people with a mic can join your game

now that would be awesome :D.. Not needs but my wants :D

OhReginald3482d ago

you sicken me....*spits*

Mo0eY3482d ago

Party system would be fine but all the other needs are just him sucking. Don't be stupid and spawn in the middle of a fight if you don't want to die in four seconds easy as that.

I totally agree with the wants though.

Kleptic3482d ago

not only that...but you ARE given some spawn invulnerability even for forward spawns...its just based on whether or not you are offensive...if you fire your turns the invulnerability it should...if you don't fire, you get 3 or 4 full seconds of it to run to cover...

not to mention...almost nobody uses the live camera feeds for all spawn points...forward spawns give you a live camera on the spawn area...if you see 5 enemies standing there...its probably not a good idea to spawn at that point...

but I do want a party system of some sort...and yeah, we need way more details on each server from the lobby screen...the stupid 20 character tag is pointless, as its just some chump normally putting 'come in pwnzor!' as a server name, which does nothing to specify any of the settings...we were told a long time ago that that is how the lobby would work...and it doesn' all...that is frustrating; even more so than the lack of a party system...

Unicron3482d ago

Party system.

The only other thing I could ask for is the following -

Make a perimeter around the spawn point and the objective point where spawn grenades are ineffective. Barring that, allow players to shoot and destroy them.

Beef up the air drone slightly to match the changes made to the turrets.

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The story is too old to be commented.