Microsoft Need to Make a Splash at E3 2009


"So far the year has been pretty stale for Microsoft and Xbox 360 only owners, Halo wars and GTA IV DLC being the major releases for Microsoft's system so far, with 'Halo: ODST' and 'Mass Effect 2' still to come, but is that really enough? in my opinion No."

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Hellsvacancy3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Its probably no doubt a rip-off of a Sony product (i didnt just say that)

But if they dont hav anythin then people should start 2 worry about the future of there console (360)

Its like a turn around of the early Ps3 days

GWAVE3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Funny how MS's mantra (and the battle cry of 360 owners) is "Just you wait! Just wait until and then Microsoft will prove all you haters wrong!!!!"

It's funny because PS3 owners were mocked for saying the exact same thing in 2007, even to the point of getting labeled as owners of the "Waitstation 3" or "DelayStation 3".

Funny how it was ALL about "teh exclusives!!!" in 2006 and 2007 with the 360 but once 2008 rolled around (and now 2009), it's all about "teh suppozedly slightly superior multiplat gamez!!!!" and "teh cross-game chat!!!". I've even heard people here on N4G say things to the effect of "Oh, exclusives don't matter anymore. They don't show off a system's true power. It's all about how your multiplat games look!"

Funny, isn't it, how things have turned around so suddenly?

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IaMs123483d ago

Whoa, man yes MS does those things but are you completely blind Sony and Nintendo do similar things as well. MS is not just the bad guys all 3 are.

for one, Xbox Live is not lagging at all, and when a game lags its the devs fault for that lag, like Gears 2.

And the Mii rip-off huh? Well Sony ripped off MS with the whole Live thing then. Live came out before the PSN i believe supporting in game chats OH and dont forget Trophies and the XMB as well. So its okay for Sony to borrow ideas but not for MS or nintendo, yah right.

If it wasnt for the spreading of ideas there wouldnt be competition. Now MS and Sony are coming out with there own motion controllers supposely better then the Wiis huh? Well what is that? Competition they want to be the best so they try to provide the best so we get the best. We the consumers are the winners. (Although personally all 3 are failing in my perspective yes even the beloved Sony.)

Now stop being a silly fanboy and wake up, its not just MS and since you say MS rips off companies from ideas where the hell do you think they might have gotten some of those bad habits from then huh? Sony and nintendo have been around a long time......

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IaMs123483d ago

I never mentioned anything about Home did i? i never said MS copied home or anything i said PSN and is PSN home, i think not.

I see what your saying about the skillpoints, true. If its true MS got the idea from that, then all it did was cause competition which is great.

See it goes both ways you know. And if you want to get technical without MS you wouldnt have the Sony being able to run the software or computers to make these games. So in the end MS started it all with PC gaming....

lowcarb3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

1st off there's no reason to act as if 360 has had a slower year than PS3. There are more games out for 360 already in 2009 along with dlc so this news is stupid. Just because Sony announces and shows there's cards early does not mean they have more to show. Every year it's the same crap again and again until E3 and you guys go back to the drawing board.

"I've even heard people here on N4G say things to the effect of "Oh, exclusives don't matter anymore. They don't show off a system's true power. It's all about how your multiplat games look!"

And that's true and you know it. Just because PS3 has the best looking FPS available atm does not excuse it from having issues with multiplats keeping up with the 360. If PS3 were so powerful then it would show all the way through this generation. Basically if kz2 were multiplat we all know that it would look better on 360. I bet rage even looks better on 360 when it comes out, and that game will set the bar. I just find it hilarious how you guys get one good looking game and then get all chirpy about it and stuck up or something. Also I think isn't funny how GEars2 was just written off when there are parts of the game that look just as good and better than anything seen in kz2.

edit below: This site is retarded. I really don't see how PS3 fanboys are claiming there having the better year based on Sony's empty promises lol. If you were to add live arcade games to your list along with community games and services you can easily see that 360 is killing PS3.

Ausbo3483d ago

how are xbox gamers having a slow year.
Halo wars, gta dlc,fallout dlc, star ocean and ninja blade.
The ps3 has only had killzone. how can you say ps3 has a superior 2009 lineup when it appears that games like god of war, heavy rain, and mag will all be released in 2010.

Ausbo3483d ago

news for ps3 fanboys.
top headlines:
(ps3 ftw
xbox lineup sucks
another xbox failed today)
why don't you shut your fanboy mouths and play the games. No wonder ps3 games don't sell because all of the ps3 fanboys are on n4g 24/7.

indysurfn3483d ago

Exactly what is a KZ2 and a resistance a 'supposed killer of'? Oh wait Microsoft products. What is the hard drive in every system a copy of? Xbox(1) what is PSN a copy of, Xbox live. See it goes both ways. Oh and look! A surprise BLOG article for PS3 fantoys to enjoy! Last time I checked Xbox360 has released more games and more hits than PS3 has this year (and last year and the year before). Last time I checked xbox360 has more games coming out this year than PS3 does(even if they don't get canceled or delayed). Last time I checked PS3 has SPENT i't second biggest title of the system last year and the biggest title of the system this year! Last time I checked it did not cause them to out sale the xbox360, and is still in LAST PLACE. Last time I checked publishers and gamers where not expecting and demanding a price drop and are buying the system. Last time I checked the best graphics except one game(which was in development since 2004 to 2009 and only a shooter) look better on xbox360 especially multiplatform games. I think PS3 has to prove what is coming out.

king dong3482d ago

the no-life loser. seriously, you need to get out more! instead of spending every day on n4losers waiting for the obligatory xbox-suckz threads that get wrote especially for you and all the other fanboys, by fanboys.

ausbo: so true, what you wrote pretty much sums up this site. no news, just blogs wrote by other sony fanboys who have accounts on n4g.

Q: how do you get hits for your blog site?

A: just write blogs either loving sony, or attacking microsoft, post them on n4g, and watc the hits roll.

Xeoset3482d ago

Wasn't it this time last year that everyone was all:


And then E3 came along, they showed some sweet exclusives and threw out the big one: FFXIII will be on the Xbox 360 simultaneously with the PS3 (bar Japan).

Microsoft doesn't bang on about all these 'AAA' exclusives like Sony does because they don't need to feed you that kind of crap to push them through to the top. They make the announcements when it's due and resolve any leftovers.

Bloody 360 Doom Sayers. Die out.

Why o why3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

lol. do you need a microscope to see these differences there mate¬_¬. If you hadnt noticed the bigger titles have been equally balanced. I guess you see what you wanna see:)


lol. No the 360 isnt doomed, far from it and nor would i want it but what were these sweet exclusives that got named last year again....... The last 2 years have been baron towards the front end of the year in terms of quality. They end the year on a high and some of you guys forget the start and start shouting like 'we told you, just wait'. You mentioned 'another' me too multiplat as in ps3 owners still have that like 85% of the 360s library. Like gwave stated the old cry of 'teh exclusives' has been conveniently replaced. I even here some people mentioning DLC whilst totally disregarding FULL psn games like wipeout, Siren etc. Every time a goalpost gets moved BY EITHER SIDE it looks stupid and many guys are looking very stupid and hypercritical especially the ones that were here on n4g in 07 screaming the same sh!t thats being thrown at them now. Things normally get better not worse

AAACE53482d ago

I know MS did not go through all this trouble just to let go now! I believe they should have some good things to show at E3. Call me crazy... but I think there could be some unexpected things there that could get gamers really happy.

I also believe that there will be a "MYSTERIOUS" leak in the next 2-3 weeks of whats to come. Might be some things none of us were expecting!

indysurfn3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

PS3 fanboys know that there is more games on xbox360, just look at a game list. But they come on this site, and irrationally claim that xbox360 only have DLC! Again look at a game list compare PS3 2009 to xbox360 2009. The moderators do the same, in fact they start off the articles with little hints to the psnsheep on how to argue. With obvious questions, that are a hint on what to say, that even PS3 sheep can get.

Look PSNsheep your system is in third place, Last, as in loser. Has spent the hype it has been building since 2004, when it released KZ2, and is still losing ground. And now are say, hey the other guys had better make a splash at E3 cause uh we don't believe they have games.

Xbox360 does not need to have anymore games to beat PS3 one AAA titles the ones they have release can beat PS3 in yearly sales. And the ones that are already release WILL. And fact one of them probably will ALL-BY-IT_SELF. I will be surprised if it does not especially when you consider that it is only $20. It is a stand alone game not DLC, you don't need the previous game to play it.

Let me get this through your head. PS3 needs to announce some games at E3 that will be very big AND come out this year. When you are bragging about 4-5 AAA games are losing the race 30-10 in million sellers YOU ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO CATCH UP. You are the one that needs to announce some games at E3!

ODST alone will sale more COPIES than the top 5 PS3 games this year. Anyone not realizing this ahead of time has there head in the sand! If a $59 dollar Halo with less people to sale to sold $10 copies then Halo ODST will at the minimum sale 16 million.

Just like Microsoft announced at E3 2008 gears of war2 will come out
this year and it did(that year). That is what Sony needs to do. No more of this Killzone stuff that comes out 5 years later.
They keep saying Microsoft does not have big titles coming every year. Now the million sellers total come in like this Microsoft 30 Sony 10. HELLO! Take your head out of the sand ostriches!

The one game did not save you. You need a price cut, and better, and more games. Not a single pretty slow clunker. Stop sucking my

beans3482d ago

"lol. do you need a microscope to see these differences there mate¬_¬."

While I agree with the rest of your comment I too can see noticeable differences in the 360 and ps3 multiplatform games. 360 games just look finished as if developers are rushing out the PS3 or just getting the best results they can.

Why o why3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

how old are the people who agreed with indysurfn's comment above....honestly. On the significant differences im not convinced especially since the start 08 when multiplats were more equal. But those differences are totally minute, NEVER game spoiling. Sometimes it could be better AA on the 360 titles with longer draw distances on its ps3 counterpart so its never as clear cut as 'a difinitive version'. What i find even stranger is that these noticeable differences that get noticed on multiplats are totally exaggerated whilst the technical and sometime game spoiling issues on some 360 exclusives get a mega free pass. You cant have it both ways and by you i mean the people who scream about the multiplat differences. I also hope you aint using gametrailers as your source for comparisons;)

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KionicWarlord2223483d ago

were in april guys , many games can be announced before e3 and at e3.

Godmars2903483d ago

And what's going to get delayed if not canceled?

Jinxstar3483d ago

"Just wait for GDC.... I mean E3... I mean TGS or Leipzig...." Nada.

I_am_rushin3483d ago

This is the problem. How many games that are announced at E3 get released that same year?

outlawlife3483d ago

@2.2 the Leipzig convention doesn't exist anymore

@2.3 in microsofts case about 90% of their e3 announcements are for that fall if you go by the last 2 years

lowcarb3483d ago

""Just wait for GDC.... I mean E3... I mean TGS or Leipzig...." Nada."

360 has more games and more content out this year then PS3. If anything SOny needs to show something at E3 and not just give out a bunch of names that could be released or get canceled. Once again 360 has more out now and at E3 will expand the lead again. This happens every year and unfortunately there will be a day when SOny fanboys try and claim they were not talking trash.

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GiantEnemyCrab3483d ago

Star Ocean 4 and the great Fallout DLC are not major releases for MS this year so far?

I agree they need to go big at E3 or it's going to be a dull year for 360.

Donga3483d ago

hell no, star ocean 4 and DLC aren't that big and don't appeal to that many people...

indysurfn3483d ago

Hello hypocrite! Look at the sales! They mean more then KZ2! If anything KZ2 does not appeal to enough people are they would BUY IT! Look at Halo wars a brand new franchise. It and GTA IV DLC, Star Ocean and other games are having a mass appeal. Just because you have your head in the sand and don't see all the awesome games your missing don't mean they don't exist. Have you ever wondered why there are not so many awesome new games, franchises, rpg's, etc? The answer it there ARE THEY, except not that many on the PS3.

tdogchristy903483d ago

I enjoy both consoles but MS does need to pull something out or it may be 100% PS3 from here on out.

Godmars2903483d ago

What does happen if MS brings nothing to E3?

What if they just relied on 3rd parties with mostly multiplatform titles while backing their ads?

Just asking.

Nexy3483d ago

Good question.

Actually, when there are two consoles with 95% of the multiplatform games customers are going to choose the cheaper console. Especially when the cheaper console often offers exclusive DLS and their multiplatf is usually graphically better. I have no idea if this works but it seems that multiplatform games are more useful for MS.

lloyd_wonder3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Don't be foolish. The added value of DLC is moot. Also, Multiplates 95% of the time have such little disparity between them that even core gamers don't care. Perpuate if you will, but you look foolish.