Where's Waldo Screens

Screenshot from Capcom's upcoming Mobile game "Where's Waldo".

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karan86243479d ago

It was a good book.. Im not sure if its really something that can be transferred into a game

Elven63479d ago

It probably won't work well on many phones, maybe those that have big touchscreens will find more use from it?

Gambit073479d ago

There was an NES version, it was a disaster, oddly it was from Bethesda.

ParanoidMonkey3479d ago

You'd be surprised. Bethesda has made a lot of bad games actually, like Home Alone on the NES. Check their track record on Wikipedia; it's funny to see how varied their gameography is.

Microsoft Xbox 3603479d ago

I want a Waldo game in 1080p on the PSN.

Timesplitter143479d ago

10 000 000 000 people on screen

Jinxstar3479d ago

Sorry to say man. This is MS's big E3 game. We will never see it... Until half a year later upgraded and with more stuff =P

DreamcastFanboy3479d ago

Is it going to be kinda hard to see Waldo with a cellphone?

000110003479d ago

this could work on iPhone using Microsoft's Seadragon technology...

linky :

Super-high res scans of the original books!

Lucreto3479d ago

Where's Waldo? I thought it was Where's Wally will that was the name of the cartoon I used to watch when I ws a kid.