Borderlands NOT Cel-shaded

Gearbox Software's Borderlands will not be cel-shaded despite recent rumblings to the contrary.

Developer head Randy Pitchford was straight to the point, totally denying the change.

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NarFan3483d ago

good, now we only need a release date

solideagle13483d ago

i think they have sir its 5 june i think but its definately june.


dragunrising3483d ago

This game went from interesting to must buy for me. I think its awesome when games opt for a more stylized and original look. June release eh? Maybe in Europe. Gamestop and VGReleases list the US date as September.

TheRealSpy3483d ago

it was pretty obvious from the vids that it wasn't cell shaded.

when i saw it i thought "wow, they've really made major strides in cell-shading technology."

Freak of Nature3483d ago

Perhaps the game does look like that scan that floated around?

But they call it "Painterly" or "illustrative",a tweaked version of cell shading...

I liked the look of the scan.It had some style and flare.Not just another brown/gray grunged out generic shooter...

It'll be nice to see what really is up when they showcase some shots Monday....

Freak of Nature3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

As I said in my earlier post,it's a "tweaked version" of cell shading...Certanly not yet another generic grunged out cookie cut shooter....

According to Gearbox Software's Steve Gibson, the cover art for the June issue of PC Gamer is an actual in-game screenshot, bereft of any post processing. While it's not technically cel-shading, it's certainly something more than your average 3D rendering, looking more like an image you'd find in a comic book than anything you'd see on a computer screen.

Take a look at the shot here....

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Godmars2903483d ago

Why even start such a rumor? If it is one.

matthewsvaughan3483d ago

I knew Gearbox couldn't be that stupid to change everything this late. with only 6 months left it would almost be impossible.

GameGambits3483d ago

I knew something didn't add up when the screenshot shown was just concept art.

OhReginald3483d ago

my hype just now went up.

dont get me wrong cel shaded games are cool and all....but it just doesn't fit games like these..

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The story is too old to be commented.