Soldiers Respond To Six Days in Fallujah Controversy

Recently, there has been a lot of outrage about the newly announced Iraq War game, Six Days in Fallujah, from both the activist and the military community.

While there are always some vocal voices opposed to such depictions of realism, took the time to ask actual military personnel, who are also gamers, what they thought of the game.

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ASSASSYN 36o3531d ago

As a vet of this war I just think it is way to soon for games about the war. There seems to be an unspoken tradition that game devs have waited out the conclusions of conflicts before they pumped out games about them.

FantasyStar3531d ago

In your opinion then, when would it be the right time then?

deifen3531d ago

judging from his comment probably some point after the conclusion of the conflict. I mean really it wasn't that hard to pick that up.

ASSASSYN 36o3531d ago

Bubbles deifen for attention to detail.

gaminoz3530d ago

They used to do that with films took awhile after before there were a lot of holocaust films out or Vietnam films. I'm not saying this is the same, but I wonder if a game on a real event and an active war could at least provoke discussion or empathy for what soldiers go through?

Or would it just be propaganda that cheapens the sacrifices many have made? I don't know...but it is an interesting and brave decision to try this game. Or a very cynical and crass one.

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Xi3531d ago

I feel that if videogames want to be taken as a more serious medium developers need to take the risk in making games based on current events, whether popular or not. Videogames will only start being recognized as the same as movies and lit when they can provide an accurate social commentary on the events impacting our lives.

Making a game based on the iraq war needs to be a reflection of the effect the war is having on everyone, and as long as the game doesn't imply that war itself is game like, I see no reason why it may be too soon. Movies, tv shows, books, all of which have come out earlier use the iraq war as a backdrop so I see no reason why games should be required to take a backseat.

I just hope that the games does an accurate job of portraying the full effects of the war.

deifen3531d ago

I really doubt games will ever find themselves in those categories. I mean, look, most people now skip right over any single player storyline and jump right into multi player. I gotta say I'm on the side that thinks this is too soon. While I am not a combat vet I have a lot of respect for what our troops are doing in Iraq. And lets face facts, the only reason a company makes a game is for profit. This simply trivializes the sacrifice of thousands of Americans. We should be better then that.

Thoreau3531d ago

people should not let images influence them.

ironwolf7773530d ago

"You will have your group of idiots that try to be the terrorists and kill Americans and shout obscenities through the TV, damning American military personnel,"

These clowns would be soundly raped for sport by outnumbering scores of true Americans.