TGR News Roundup: PS3 Takes Hold in Japan, More Little Big Planet

The latest news on the PS3's continued dominance in Japan and Wii's waning grasp on gaming consumers.

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tehk1w14669d ago

Jesus. 600,000 sold? That didn't take very long.

Imagine if Nintendo wanted to do religion one of these days. Biggest. Church. Ever.

Viewtiful4669d ago

You mean they haven't already? I mean that's pretty much what's going on here.

redfield854669d ago

I thought they already released a Heavenly Sword costume pack? Maybe I am just remembering screenshots of it.

I am content with my DS right now. I am actually enjoying playing my backlog. No new games for me for awhile. What does this mean? I am going to finally beat Half-Life 2.

Conan9974669d ago

It was only available if you pre-ordered it from a certain retailer, I can't remember which but now everyone can buy it.

SlamVanderhuge4669d ago

Yeesh...600k DSis

Not surprising...I'm sure ill be adding a +1 to that one day...

shoinan4669d ago

Sure the gf will want one too :/

SirLarr4669d ago

I almost wanted one but talked myself out of it.

BrunoM4669d ago

I see what u guys mean but i wont ... im done with gameboys (a.K.A Ds)

for now im happy with my psp ... and il sit and hold for a psp2 ... unlike the gameboy i think from psp to psp2 there will be a big jump unlike the ds (gameboy) ,, so im ok with my psp and im not going for a DS any time soon ....

but then again thats only my view of these gameboy story but i must agree nintendo ccant be stop lol.. they can put a turd in a box put nintendo name on it and will sell over 1 Mil lol..

A HiFi4669d ago

I'm fine with my old, blue and bulky DS thank you very much!

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ihaten4glol4669d ago

It's not too hard to believe that the PS3 is so successful in Japan...I still wish I had one.

predator4669d ago

only a matter of time before Japan started buying the PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.