Who cares whether DLC is on the disc or technically all downloaded?

The latest mini-controversy over downloadable content involves "Resident Evil 5's" online"versus" mode. The actual amount of content downloaded for players' $5, 1.8 MB on 360 and 351 KB on PS3, is so small that it has many wondering if it's just a key to unlock content already on the disc.

Capcom's answer is that it's new code, though it does reuse assets on the disc.

But the real answer is: Who cares?

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Gambit073482d ago

The main problem here is that Capcom is locking away a game mode, locking costumes that don't add to the gameplay isn't a big deal, like in SF4.

Wizeguy213482d ago

If its on the disk than more than likely companies like Capcom are holding back content so they can later charge us for it!... THAT is why everyone should care..

Some people may argue.. what is 5 bucks or 10 bucks.. But things add up.. And in this economy we need to save!

PirateThom3482d ago

Remember when content on the disc/cartridge had to be unlocked by playing the game?


If "DLC" is on the disc, it's not "downloadable content".

creeping judas3482d ago

i dont mind paying for DLC if i know the developer has been working on it extra after the release of the original game. but when it's already on the disc, then ive already paid for it and it should be free for me. the developer didnt work extra after the release to give me this disc based content!!

rjguess3482d ago

how is this versus mode anyway? Does anyone like it?

tda-danny3482d ago

They tell us not to complain because it doesn't matter if its already on the disc or not...

YES it does matter! That is the point! They produced this game mode, and locked it on the disc so that you would have to pay more to play it. There is no reasonable way to defend this. We're paying extra for a feature that should be included, and was completed when the game shipped.

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