Final Fantasy 13 Not a PS3 Exclusive yet? 200 PS3 Titles before end of 2007?

Vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and president of SCE France, Georges Fornay, is quoted making the following statement:


"The development cost of games have exploded, it becomes difficult to have exclusiveness, except our own games. But we will have as of launching 30 games, including Motorstorm, Resistance or Virtua Fighter. Moreover, we await 200 games from here the end of 2007. Lastly, for Final Fantasy XIII, I can say to you that exclusiveness is under discussion."


Vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and president of SCE France, Georges Fornay is convinced that the PS3 has beautiful days in front of it. Particularly on the French ground.

DNA: How announces itself the launch of the PS3?

G.F. : For France, the meters are at the green. We recorded not far of 60 000 reservations against 40 000 Xbox 360 and 75 000 sold Wii at the time of the respective launch of these consoles. Those that said that the console is too dear some are for their expenses: in France, the PS3, this already is a success. And we count to avoid the scarcity phenomena: we will put on the European a million market PS3, of which more than 150 000 in France.

- One says that this console is sold at a loss by Sony. This is a reality?

- Yes. The amount official do not lie: we will lose 2 billion Euros at the world-wide level this year. But one accepts that, because this is a wager on the future, we count to earn money on the games and the incidental ones. We had lost 500 million Euros, already, at the time of the launch of the PS2.

- Sony removed on the European version of the PS3 the chipset allowing the rétrocompatibilité with the games PS2 and the replaced by an emulation software that will not read all the older games. A reaction?

- Attention, it will be not a matter not any a total and final incompatibility. We will post on-line a site where the compatible games will be listed. Now, if you wonder me if this is a bad blow for the launch, I would say that one more better would have done to be sure than the console would be totally rétrocompatible before to announce it. But good, when the PS3 will have showed its capacities, the players will not have anymore too envies to play PS2..

- Remains that you arrive on the market after the competition, and that it will be necessary to convince, quickly. You can count on strong games, exclusivity rights? And quid of Final Fantasy XIII?

- The development cost of the games exploded, it becomes difficult to have exclusivity rights, except our clean games. But we will have as early as the launch 30 games, of which Motorstorm, Resistance or Virtua Fighter. What's more, we await 200 games of here at the end of 2007. At last, for Final Fantasy XIII, I can say you that the exclusivity rights is in discussion.

- HAS it arrived, this is a good year that announces itself for SCE?

- This that is sure, for us, this is that 2007 will be a year record while combining the sales PSP, PS2 and PS3. And that should continue to progress. The last year, the market of the video game climbed of 15% while the music and the video lowered. According to our estimations, the market vidéoludique should double between 2005 and 2010. That wants to say that there is place for three... even if it is worth always better to go shopping in head.

OC_MurphysLaw6039d ago

I can't read French. So...while I would love to read this article..I can't. :( Any chance you can get a translated english version for this site?

GaMr-6039d ago (Edited 6039d ago )

Im Working on it right now.

UPDATE: Ok Translated completely. If anyone finds any mistakes please feel free. But thats a 99% translation.

BTW: To people bytching about my headline being twisted

Nasty Nas and Achira Etc.

Listen to this guy

#24 -
i don't see how the headline is misleading... the guy says exclusiveness is still under discussion which means it's not exclusive just yet

Thank you... finally someone with a brain. I dont twist anything. I take a significant quote out of the article put in my "Creat a title-o-matic" put it on stir and vooowalaaa... a new title emerges.

Now suck it up... Biatches.

OC_MurphysLaw6039d ago

THANK YOU for the translation!

wildcat6039d ago (Edited 6039d ago )

All I know is that Sony desperately needs FFXIII/Versus to stay exclusive and they have to do anything they can to keep it that way. PS3+Price Drop+FFXIII will sell them systems, no question.

If MS snags this, it'd be devastating to Sony. 360 will be way cheaper and people would buy it just to play the next-gen FinalFantasy.

BlackIceJoe6039d ago (Edited 6039d ago )

Sony really needs more games and it really is not funny at all.

I own both the 360 and PS3 but I am wishing more and more that I never got a PS3.

So Sony bring out new IPs and more games and make them only for the PS3.

D R Fz6039d ago

it's pretty cool getting the most expensive next-gen consoles for free. Mind sharing how?

Anego Montoya FTMFW6039d ago

Sony`s comin! w/ ps2 it was the same thing no descent titles.
then it exploded. at E3 sony will bring out the gunships.
and temporaly losing exclusives isn`t a big deal.
xbox is doing well right now. it should be.

money gets made and things change.
Sony wouldn`t be giving up exclusives and losing money on every system w/ out a plan.

remain calm.

and search for predictions about ps2`s lauch year.
It`s scary how similar it was. and what everyone thought was goin to happen

XxZxX6039d ago (Edited 6039d ago )

Sony will have to 1up Microsoft on this or it will be all over.

I do hope SCEI is competent enough to realize that MSG4 and FF series is their no.1 exclusive. If they seriously think it doesn't matter to them then I do have nothing to say. Look at nintendo, we dont need final fantasy VII and look what happen. Don't want to cast doubt on them but this is a scary thought.

achira6039d ago

the headline is a joke. lol, twisting facts is the only thing xbots can.

techie6039d ago

lol GaMr is not an xbot. How ironic.

Grown Folks Talk6039d ago

look at who submits the article? i'd have to say gamr is far from an "xbot". or is every one but you an xbot? pay attention.

Black Republican6039d ago

I do agree the topic headline is twisted
however both ps3 and xbox 360 fan boys love to do this to attract attention.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this doesn't seem all that well, WHY???
well this game was supposed to be PS3 Exclusive !!! what is happening??

now a PR is saying hard to keep exclusives !!!!
and that the exclusive rights of this game is in discussion??? i thought it was 100% exclusive , what the hell???

this doesn't sound to good...