Sony Reeves: PS3 Not Selling Out In Europe Would Be Good

Sony boss David Reeves says that if you can walk into a shop on Friday and buy a PlayStation 3 without a pre-order, that'll mean the company got the launch right.

"We don't want secret shoppers to go in there and say, 'Ah, it's not out of stock, therefore it's not selling,'" he told Reuters. "Indeed, what we're trying to say is we want to make it available to the normal shopper who goes in there and says, 'Do you have PlayStation 3?', and they will say, 'Yes.' And the same for the software."

Reeves, who is president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, told the news agency that the delay between the console's Japanese and North American launches last November and its arrival in Europe this Friday has been of great benefit in reaching the goal of shipping one million units of hardware for day one.

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ASSASSYN 36o4320d ago

In my history of videogames I have never seen such reverse thinking implemented like this. They want to give the impression that a lack of sells is ok because they know it will not sell out anyways.

Marty83704320d ago

Sony have more units available at Euro launch, having them on shelves for a bit longer. Would allow Sony time to make more for when they need too be restocked. Makes sense.

FordGTGuy4320d ago

and in this world(the real world) it makes no sense at all. What is the point to have more on the shelf when no one is buying it anyway.

CyberSentinel4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Put on your best game face Sony, because reality is about to set in.
Grats! on sacrificing your "Gaming Empire" on a movie format.

Blind Lemmings, Open Your Eyes.

Covenant4320d ago

Don't get me wrong: You won't catch me defending Sony's statements very often. (Sames with some of MS's talk).

But having systems on hand after pre-orders are filled means they've been able to meet at least part of the demand at launch, whereas N. America and Japan saw immediate (i.e., same day) shortages. That can only be good for them, at least short-term. But what happens after the launch systems are gone, and the hardcores/immediate adopters are satisfied, if the system experiences the same in-stock issues as N. America and Japan: In other words, the frequency of unsold units sitting on shelves. Could that happen again? Or is Europe more willing to pay a higher price for their systems?

Only time will tell.

power of Green 4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

WoW! spin at its best. Anybody have the numbers. #2 you mean it "could" make perfect sense if PS3 was overstocked enough to warrent this claim.

Surely 10 million PS2 owners over there would purchase every PS3 Europe had to offer with the amount of PS3's that Sony can manage(which probably isn't enough compared to their original thoughts/hopes on what the damand would be).

#2 I remember only days after PS3 launched in Japan and the US. Sony had kept up with supply (for what they thought was meeting demand) enough to have PS3's on shelvs only days/weeks after Xmas just like in the US and Japan im sure Sony will do a great job in Europe!, Keep up the good work Sony!.

Looks like all Sony fans just won the lottory and will be going to the ISLAND!.

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The story is too old to be commented.