Gamestop shows Fatal Frame is coming to Europe

With updated news coming in daily, Fatal Frame IV is becoming it's own day time drama.

A Gamestop Italy employee named Giancarlo has stated that Fatal Frame is listed in Gamestops database and has a release date of May 30th.
The picture above is that of a Gamestop mailer which clearly shows that Fatal Frame has had it's name changed to Zero: A Japanese Ghost Story

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- Ghost of Sparta -3482d ago

Knew what? That this is a stupid rumor? Seriously, GameStop sucks and they're wrong in everything they do and say.

SaiyanFury3481d ago

If it's available in Europe, I hope it comes to North America. Although I don't want them to rebrand it as it seems they want to. It was Fatal Frame on the PS2 and original Xbox. Why rebrand a series that already has recognition over here?

hatchimatchi3482d ago

I won't believe it until someone buy's a copy from a store. I really hope it does get released in europe though cause i would definitely import it for the english dialog. Thank god for wii homebrew.

avantgarde843482d ago

Right now Fatal Frame is like the Jerry Springer of gaming.

skare133482d ago

I have a idea, maybe they changed the name of this game

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