Lost Planet 2: Does The PS3 Really Need This Title?

Looking at the gaming forecast, without LOST PLANET 2 PS3 users will still find themselves juggling between some great multiplatform and exclusive titles this year. A release date of LOST PLANET 2 for the PS3 is something CAPCOM would have to be concerned with. With titles such Heavy Rain, Infamous, MAG, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time, Modern Warfare 2, Ghost Recon 3, GOD OF WAR III, The Agency and many others all dropping this year LOST PLANET 2 might get lost in the shuffle.

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Miraak82 3480d ago

It could prolly take it but I won't be buying it

Straight Life3480d ago

It'll come to PS3, don't know when though. Probably be the superior version console game which is happening lately from 360 exclusives going to the PS3.

sonarus3480d ago

capcom would only lose money by not releasing it for PS3. Unless microsoft has paid for it, it will eventually land on the PS3

GameGambits3480d ago

Capcom's franchises sell the most on Sony's consoles in Japan, and to not bring LP2 to it would be money suicide.

I really am stoked for this game's release. I loved the first ones multiplayer a great deal. The story lacked for the SP, but had some great set pieces throughout to be enjoyable. The MP though was the meat of the game, and I hope LP2 just expands the experience. :)

Viper73480d ago

Hopefully it will and without any 5gb install this time around. I was really but off by the 5gb install of the first game. I have like 45(+ psn) games and I am still using the 60gb HDD so you can guess my frustration about these installs.

Jinxstar3480d ago

I wont buy it either bro...

Maybe off steam when it has one of the 5 dollar weekends but even then doubtful...

ThanatosDMC3480d ago

I want it just because i love the first one except the last fight. I just hope they stop with making us install 5gb.

I just bought Valkeria Chronicles and that game has an optional install of 3.3gb but if you do install it, there's practically no difference from just reading the disk.

darx3480d ago

You guys want to play it!

- Ghost of Sparta -3480d ago

With all the exclusives Microsoft is losing lately it's pretty much inevitable at this point. They'll lose this one too, 'cause they don't pay for full time exclusives, just timed. And seeing how the first one was trash, I wouldn't buy this even if it did come to PS3.

Danja3480d ago

yes the PS3 needs this game , the 1st game wasn't that bad on the 360 and the more people that get to enjoy this the game the better.

menoyou3480d ago

I don't think PS3 owners would even consider buying this game. The first one was horrendous and there are way better games coming out.

IdleLeeSiuLung3480d ago

I enjoyed the first LP quite a bit and bought all console releases of this game (albeit all three cost me less than one at launch). The more the merrier is my opinion, if PS3 get's it great. I will probably be buying this game myself on the 360.

Now onto the issue of MS actually paid for this. In an interview with Capcom, they indicated this game [LP2] has been in development for 16 months, that is prior to the release of LP1 for the PS3 (Feb 2008) and just around the time when LP1 was announced for PS3 (October of 2007). Is it conceivable that they just started developing this game concurrently as LP1 was being ported to the PS3? It wouldn't make sense to have another team start on LP2 without seeing the sales for LP1 first.

However, most Sony fans would rather just blame MS paying people off for any games they don't get. Reality is, if MS went ahead and paid for all these timed exclusives, you might wonder how they are going to profit from these games?

Reality is that most games sell extremely well on the 360 (sans JRPG) and multi-platform games are likely to be designed for the 360 first. This of course might delay PS3 versions....

pain777pas3480d ago

I would like to see the title on the PS3 but the lineup this year is stacked. KZ2 and Sf4 already and RE5 so whatever. Infamous up next and then hopefully GT5, Uncharted 2, Ratchet, heavy rain and GOW3 later. I don't know I'm really not hurting for games right now. I still have to finish Suidoken 5 and Rogue galaxy for the PS2 Lol.........

Bnet3433480d ago

It's going to come to 360 PS3 and PC. Just like we'll see RE5 on PC in a few months. Capcom already stated their new engine is for multiplatform games to go on 360 PS3 and PC with the exception of the Wii.

badz1493480d ago

I think, Capcom needs this game to be on the PS3 more than PS3 gamers need it on theirs! but this will be another 5GB install because Capcom seems like they haven't got their heads right on PS3 programming just yet or maybe their multiplatform engine is not suited for optimizing the SPUs, thus they have to install things in the HDD instead of streaming things from the disc.

the 1st LP bombed hard on the PS3 even with all the extras! but I think that is majorly caused by it being a time exclusive just like Bioshock. if they are going to release thi on PS3, they should release it simultaneously with other versions to get decent sales.

SaiyanFury3480d ago

Personally, I don't really care either way. I tried out the PS3 version of it's prequel and I just couldn't get into it. I know people like it, and I'm happy they can get something out of it, I just knkow I won't be getting it.

Tsar4ever013480d ago

Sony don't NEED this title. It just WANT IT too, sheeeshh!

SL1M DADDY3479d ago

*looks at Sony's 2009 line-up"

... Nope.

I'll be getting it but if it never hits the PS3, it will not make a dent in their already awesome line of titles coming this year.

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TheHater3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

But if Capcom want to stick to their multi-platform bullsh!t they stated in the pass. Then this game needs to be either on the PS3, PC, or Nintendo Wii. If this title is exclusive to the xbox 360 then I think PS3 owners know how much Capcom cares for them.

edit: oh wow, just look at the disagree troll go

Straight Life3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

It wouldnt make sense when they said 2009 is the year of the multiplatform, while Lost Planet 2 is a 360 console exclusive.

pwnsause3480d ago

not really, but it really needs this engine so that Capcom can make PS3 games properly on it.

ape0073480d ago

I agree on capcom's engine

lost planet 1 was good,8.5 imo

this 2 looks hot

Godmars2903480d ago

Can Capcom deliver a PS3 version at the same time the 360's?

Given that the graphic engine is the 2nd version of something 360 specific, that the PS3 version was PC based, I just don't see it.