Sega wants to make a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles

The big news is that Nonaka, in light of the recent popularity, told the magazine that he really wanted to do a sequel to the game, and he was adamant about not leaving the game at just one title. While it's far from a confirmation, that does bode well for the possibility of a sequel.

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irish-leprecaun3483d ago

it wud be well worth their while.

DragonWarrior_43483d ago

How bout put this on the burner and just make a sequel to Skies of Arcadia? That would make way more sense. But Japanese publishers rarely make sense these days.

Liquid Dust3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Please god YES!!!! Make that sequel baby!

meepmoopmeep3483d ago


oh hellz yeah!
can't wait for the DLC

irish-leprecaun3483d ago

we need leprecauns to hunt in the sequel!!

himdeel3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

...just for the sake of ensuring we get more VC titles from Sega. Here's to hoping the next VC title breaks the 1.5 million mark.

Bnet3433483d ago

Thought the game was too hard when I played the demo and I am not much into strategy RPG's as much as traditional RPG's unless they are on the DS like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars but I am redownloading the demo and going to give this game another shot. We'll see ...

menoyou3483d ago

yessss a sequel would be amazing

Darrius Cole3483d ago

This game should not be made multi-platform. That would only force Sega to make it a shadow of what the first on was.

Lfmesquite3483d ago

If it's PS3 exclusive, count me in again.

Viper73483d ago

question to the owners of this game:

Are there any controller customizing options for this game. Even tough its turn based I didnt really like the controls. aiming with right analog stick just isnt right for me. Also invert Y-axis?

arika3483d ago

for a title that is selling like hotcakes right now especially at gamespot where they are still selling it for 30 bucks(i just bought one yesterday!), this game absolutely deserves a sequel because it is actually the best rpg game for ps3.
VC may have started slowly but now its really getting the attention that it deserves.

FlameBaitGod3483d ago

Did you know they started the Valkyria Chronicles anime series lol ?

ThanatosDMC3483d ago

I just bought the game, im on chapter 3 or 4... the game is great. I just cant believe some of the soldiers stats... they lose HP because of allergies! HAHAHA! Unique.

arika3483d ago

i just watched the first episode. its subtitled but its very consistent with VC game especially the artwork and story. they really did a good job on the anime version.

DragonWarrior_43483d ago

You guys aren't true rpg fans if you would pick this game over skies of arcadia. You guys must be new to the game.

El_Colombiano3483d ago

Just got the game, you guys NEED to get this. Its awesome.

Valdestine3483d ago


You're an idiot. SoA is a great game and all but the combat and skill learning systems were terrible. Valkyria is the superior game.

ExcelKnight3483d ago

Since Skies of Arcadia and Valkyria Chronicles are both made by SEGA WOW, I don't see how they couldn't make sequels to both games. Vyse, Aika and Fina being in VC was far more of a tease than I could handle...

pain777pas3483d ago

Skies sequel would be nice but just don't rush it out the door. Also I have to pick up this game soon because at the rate of the releases right now I may not have time to fit this one in.

Alex_Mexico3483d ago

My memory is hazy but I THINK you aim with the left stick in this game (and aim a bit better when making little adjustments with the D Pad) but you can definetly invert the Y Axis.
Im an old school Goldeneye/Zelda OoT/Perfect Dark player where default invert Y Axis made me play like that always!

jmiol-on-psn3483d ago

I love this game is real good, they have to make the game for online play to.

SaiyanFury3483d ago

This game deserves a sequel. The prequel was truly one of the best strategy/RPGs this entire generation. It's damned criminal it didn't get the recognition over here in North America that it deserved. Personally, I bought it first day. Awesome game to get drunk with and have some fun.

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Voozi3483d ago

Really hope Sega does :D

Valkyria Chronicles is seriously one of my favorite RPGs of all time, so a sequel would be awesome news :D

inbfour3483d ago

Yeah me too. I really love this game. I'm not usually an RPG fan but this one was fantastic.

UltimateIdiot9113483d ago

I hope for a prequel. I want to know what happen in the first war.

darkwing3483d ago

Please please do a sequel

Gun_Senshi3483d ago




PS. God damn it someone help me please! I have VC since EU Release date and been stuck in CHP13 for I lost count of months! When Selvaria arrives she mobs the floor with my arse and kicks me in the nuts followed by stepping on them with her heels >.<

GameGambits3483d ago

Youtube chapter 13 man. Anyone who gets stuck in games for months obviously forgets the power of the internet.

Before the internet there was strategy guides. Before guides there was just massive level grinding. Odds are your characters classes are too low and your tanks aren't tricked out.

Do a lot of skrimishes and you'll be on your way.

As for VC2 hopefully they pick a better time to release it then at the end of the year where it got washed out under the other big name titles during the holiday season. Also I wouldn't mind a multiplayer mode in VC. I know that every game doesn't need it, but the ability to go online with the sequel would be awesome. Outsmarting your opponents in a big game of chess/third person shooter style would be a lot of fun. :)

UltimateIdiot9113483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Is that the level with the giant tank? I don't have my game up in college, but if it's the level with the giant tank, use the tank as a shield.

Obama3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

When you get the awaken potential Alicia is like a powerhouse, she just never dies XD. For chapter 13 use Alicia to capture the mid base then summon a lancer to destroy the tank in the main base, with Alicia killing off the imp around it. Alicia can reach the mid base fairly easy with awaken potential. Forgot that u can't use order in ch 13, but anyways still use Alicia but procced with caution.

Gun_Senshi3483d ago

what alicia potential..?

Obama3483d ago

It's awaken potential, an order. But you don't get to use order in chapter 13 anyways until the tank arrives anyways. But still follow the strategy of using only alicia to reach the midbase..just have to be very careful.

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Roper3163483d ago

I would love a sequel to VC it is arguably the best all around game I have played this gen. Great story, great characters, great game play and just the whole presentation was top notch! A sequel like the original would be a day 1 buy for me.

GameGambits3483d ago

No the giant tank level is back in like chapter 7 or something like that. That level is easy as long as you think about 3 turns ahead. Finish off the foot soldiers on turn 1 with a sniper, then move everyone you can away from where the giant tank is headed. Hide them in trenches too, then focus on taking out all its turrents with your tank/lancers.

The end portion with Selveria and the giant tank is easy too if you just hide all your foot soldiers way back in the south east trench on the map. The majority of that fight is using your tank to take out all the turrents, and then focusing on one scout or engineer to climb the ladder to drop in grenades.